A Drive-By Post About Secession

I just realized, the States do not have to secede.  In fact, those who claim we can’t are correct, but I wonder whether they understand why they are correct (if you already understand this, please forgive what follows). 

Well, I was thinking about how we can re-claim our liberty last night when it dawned on me.  I started out with a continuation of my recent posts on natural rights and the social contract.  I was thinking that the States don’t have to secede because there is nothing to secede from: the federal government broke the contract by encroaching on all the restrictions set forth in the Constitution.  So, in my way of thinking, this means the union was dissolved and the States are already free.  Then it dawned on me, and I immediately realized I should have seen and understood this long ago.  We can no longer secede because we are no longer a union, no longer a federation.  The States have been nationalized.  In essence, we were conquered, and it goes back to Lincoln.

So I now understand: we do not need to secede because you don’t secede from tyranny, you have to free yourself from it.  But the path to freeing ourselves from the tyranny in which we now find ourselves is very much the same as the path of secession.  The States simply need to “quit” the national govt (note: I did not say federal govt.).  Just quit.  Tell their citizens they do not have to pay taxes or obey federal law, then defend against the govt. if/when it tries to enforce its will.  If they stand ready to come to each others’ aid, all the better. 

Just quit.  And yes, it is that simple — if you have the courage to defend your liberty, that is.  If you don’t…  Well, in that case, you’d best get comfortable with those chains.

3 thoughts on “A Drive-By Post About Secession

  1. But this will require a uniform adoption, i.e. we all have to hold a quorum and set a date and time to stop. How do we do that on a national scale?

    I am not in argument of this, I am taking it to the next step; implementation.

  2. Joe/Poli — I had written about this some time ago where I had states would need to legislate themselves out of Federal legislation. I went on to describe how the politicians at the state level would have to tell the Feds “no”, and how they would have to stop accepting Federal funding in order to properly break against this “union”. (gosh I wish I could remember that post).

    I am not sure that at the time, either Joe, or myself fully understood what I was saying, but Joe certainly summed it up nicely today.

  3. Here in Alaska there has been serious discussion about telling the federal government to “go pound sand” over issues of State sovereignty. Seems like every other week the EPA comes out with a new mandate we’re supposed to follow, constantly changing the rules so that we can’t obey them even if we wanted to. The day’s coming.

    Not paying taxes — how does one do that? I mean — my taxes come out of my paycheck. If I don’t work I don’t eat, but I’m not sure how you go about not paying taxes when your boss pays the taxes whether you agree or not.

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