A Must Watch: Dr. Susan Gratia-Hupp’s Testimony Before Congress

She is a survivor of the 1991 Luby’s Cafeteria massacre in Killeen, Texas:

It is amazing how little our elected representatives have learned in over 20 years.

4 thoughts on “A Must Watch: Dr. Susan Gratia-Hupp’s Testimony Before Congress

  1. Does anyone else detect contempt on the face of the elected officials listening to this? I tell you, I’d love the chance to knock the snotty off their faces. Better yet, we should start forcing these politicians into live-fire recreations of these sort of incidents — under the exact same conditions they have forced all of us to face them (i.e. unarmed). I wonder how they’d feel about the 2nd Amendment if they had to run the risk of being shoved in a room and fired at every time UNARMED citizens are slain because they were not allowed to defend themselves. I bet they’d get busy looking at the real problem in this nation: mental health and a soulless society.

  2. Professor Reynolds points to an article by Andrew Klavan that is excellent but the Professor’s comment goes directly to what you pointed out:

    Gun control is a way of rubbing Middle America’s face in the fact that it doesn’t run things. That’s the actual appeal.

    Not only was there contempt, there was a total lack of interest in what she was saying because the decisions were already made – this, as most are, was nothing but political theater concocted to give these bastards cover.

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