Another Prediction from “That Guy” Just Came True

Beck predicted that this would happen:

Germany Decides to Bring Gold Stored in U.S. & France Back Home

And he said it would signal the start of a global currency war:

First Shots Are Fired in Global ‘Currency War’

Do you understand what happens to this country if the U.S. dollar is dropped as the world reserve currency? I’ll give you a hint: think Weimar Republic.


[Note: on his radio show today, Beck predicted that Germany will “switch sides” by leaving the EU and aligning with Russia.  He says Germany will do this for two reasons.  First, because Russia is currently doing what made America a super power: following the established rules of sound monetary and economic policy.  Second, because Germany will refuse to pay for the rest of Europe’s socialist irresponsibility.  You might want to take note of this as Beck has a better than 80% accuracy rate on these matters.]

20 thoughts on “Another Prediction from “That Guy” Just Came True

  1. That the U.S. Dollar will be replaced as the World’s Reserve Currency is a foregone conclusion. We made too many mistakes – plied our fiat currency too long and printed too many dollars. The question is no longer “if”: it is how soon we will lose the World’s Reserve Currency status. If we continue trying to protect our World’s Reserve Currency status, a war against Iran is in the cards. That will produce World War III. China does not want to trade with Iran for oil in U.S. dollars, and it is building Iran’s refineries. China loses too much money trading for oil in Petro Dollars (U.S. Dollars). As I have stated before, the wars in the Middle East have nothing to do with Israel. The wars are over “Blood Money”. Republicans have unwittingly fallen into too many traps. If Republicans had focused only on fiscal and economic policy, they would have circumvented every trap. He who controls the purse strings holds all of the power. Instead Republicans were and are constantly wooed away from fiscal and economic control to myriad other issues. Follow the money.

    • Had Romney won …. a push for freeing and expanding US Energy policy would have been accomplished….maybe the only thing. But the freeing up of US Fossil Fuel resources would have (1) Made us more energy independent ….yes absolutely….But it would have done something else simultaneously, and that is (2) continued to keep Oil / Nat’l Gas traded as Dollars. This would have undercut the Petro-dollar issue without Iran being able to do anything…..In fact it would probably have bolstered Iran’s finances because there would have been at first stability of exchange….and then a slow move upward in the dollar. The US economy would have stablized and them boomed in 2014 and onwards.

      The question I think is…..Who ( in Power ) didn’t WANT this to happen….and Why ????

      • @DonAmeche: Ordinarily I agree with your thinking, but Romney is an avowed Globalist who is really hankering after a One-World Government and a One-World Currency. Romney would have increased our energy independence, but the Middle East oil trade would still have moved away from the Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency, unless we kept beating the hell out of the Middle East, which imperils U.S. Sino-Russian relationships. The reason is that no country wants to pay the U.S. a premium for use of our dollar. China wants a basket of currencies that includes the Yuan, to replace the U.S. dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency. While we will ultimately export a lot of natural gas, it is doubtful that we will try to compete with the Middle East in oil exports. We have conserved our own oil reserves in the past, and currently no financial or economic expert has indicated they believe we will export a lot of oil. China is not tapping its own oil reserves, since it can buy less expensively in the Middle East. China is a “Natural” resource hungry country, buying up mines all over the world, including in the U.S. China bought our only rare earths mine, then refused to sell us rare earths. Our Department of Defense should have been involved in looking for another buyer besides China because rare earths are a strategic metal.

        • Yes…. Please know I am not and was not a Romney fan.

          I don’t assume we would have exported Gas or Oil necessarily…..BUT the imporved American Economy would have had a HUGE impact on the world… would have the decrease in US demand for Foriegn oil….and that decrease in US Demand would NOT have been made up for easily by other countries….they simply aren’t developed sufficiently at this time to do so.

  2. I beleive this to be what Obama wants. He wants a global society or world. That would mean a new currency and with that making all money we have now worthless. Then he starts from a clean slate to dictate to the world what will be. The new currency has already been discussed and the US even as printed some new money just in case. So with this Obama ‘s dream is being realized and we are totally powerless to change one damn thing.

      • True. But that won’t stop them the from the old college try. And besides, the more suffering they can create the more power/control they take. After all, their policies are never failures, “we just didn’t do enough”.

      • I rather think “Islam” is Part of the New World Order ….

        The western Elites think once the mohameddan population is subdued under their new “Caliphate”……they only have to deal with the muslim Elite which are at heart just like them. This is why there is no outcry in the Press or Hollywood over the atrocities perpetrated upon the populace by the Moslem Brotherhood and others in power.

        • While there is an expectation of a One-World Religion, it was projected to be a compilation and negation of currently held world-wide religious beliefs. If we are lucky, the One-World Religion will be an enlightened genesis of profound truth; however, I suppose if we draw the “Black Spot”, we might get Islam for purposes of subjugation of all populations. That doesn’t seem to be working too well in the U.S. because many states are passing laws against Sharia Law. Islam’s drawing card is emphasis on sexual morality, prayer, and the intense devotion of the Muslim people. When Christians move back to their roots on these issues, Islam will fade. Christian progress toward increased morality starts with State’s Rights, and will evolve toward Islamic morality, that of our own Christian roots, without the intense punishment and abrogation of individual rights found in Islam.

          • AW,

            I would caution against taking Islam too lightly.You might want to look into how perfectly Islam fits Biblical Prophecy. Think of the Caliphate as the Beast and then go from there. I can suggest several very good and well researched books by Christian authors — if you’d like. 🙂

            • Well, you know me already: I do not believe we should predicate our actions or decisions on End Times Prophecy. In my opinion, Islam does not fit the idea of the Beast. There may be someone who was born into an Islamic family who becomes the Anti-Christ, but he would have to be augmented with a lot of knowledge with which Islamists are not currently equipped, to fit the Biblical description of the Anti-Christ. I am firmly convinced the Anti-Christ is Tony Abu Nader alias Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam of the Transcendental Meditation Movement – born in Lebanon – and an evil sorcerer.

              Radical Muslims and Radical Hindus are all Anti-Christ, so to target Islam as Anti-Christian when many Islamists believe Jesus Christ was a great prophet seems strange to me. It is only those Islamists who radicalize – those who cross over the line – who are Anti-Christ, the same with Radicalized Hindus. I do not wish to be guilty of harming or judging Islamists. I consider that to be the same as persecuting Jews. To me, “The 10 Commandments” are a universal proscription to be applied to every person everywhere at all times. Otherwise, “The 10 Commandments” would contain qualifiers, and they do not. There are even Anti-Christ Christians who want to abolish Christian rituals like the ritual of Holy Communion. Christians need to pray more and fight less.

  3. The currency war was started in earnest back when the New 30 year Bond was issued at 6% and then discontinued and replaced with the 10 year note which had heretofore been issued at 7 1/8 % in around 1994. It became due in 2004 and it’s replacement ended reasonable returns for lending $$ to the Fed …errr Gov’t. There are retail bonds still going….but they have all been marked to this new market.

    There are other factors as well….but for the purposes of the Last BIG salvo this was it …Under Bush. The First Salvo would be of course Nixon’s putting the final nail in the Coffin of the Gold backed dollar ….. with Silver taking the hit in the 1960’s. The German Gold move now is just part of the jockying of this Currency war…..after the 2008 Secret Fed 8 Trillion Bailout of big Euro-banks fell flat . Remember also that Nixon …”went to China” too… the scam of borrowing from China was established at the same time as the Gold decoupling………It’s all been a long-term positioning for World Domination via finance. There are two Wars acting simultaneously….the War to enact world Socialism in order for Elites everywhere to control their populations Once and for all ….. and the War WITHIN the elites to see which amongst them will end up being “More Equal” than the others ( THIS is the Currency War ).

    Beck is a Nattional Treasure for sure ! One thing to think about regarding Russia and Germany….they BOTH have a strong sense of their National Identity, which the US has or is losing FAST !……I think that draws them Closer in addition to the Financial and Geo-political alliances.they see…..because there IS still China out there…..and if a Culturally ( ie National Identity ) weakened America must deal with a Nuclear Iran ….. they will have to meet the threat from China this time without the US. The best thing would be for the US to forge a strong India/South Korea/Japan alliance …..but that won’t happen in time I think.

    • Not only do we owe China for our national debt, but we also owe Russia half of what we owe China, and we owe Japan almost as much as we owe China. The one thing in our favor is that Japan and China are traditional enemies, made worse by Japan’s Pre-World War II invasion of China and genocide in Nanking. (Japan wiped out everyone in Nanking, but useful idiots. The Chinese people still hate the Japanese.) Quite frankly, I believe we made a mistake in entering World War II against Japan. China badly needed the Japanese influence – peerless honesty. (Apparently we even had U.S. pilots manning the airplanes we sold the Allies to attack the Japanese prior to Pearl Harbor.)

      South Korea will move along with Japan. Japan helped pull itself and South Korea into prosperity, using South Korean labor for decades.

      From the Council on Foreign Relations: “Japan is already one of the world’s largest spenders on national defense, and the SDF is a robust force, though expenditures are narrowly targeted and essentially protective—they include no long-range bombers or missiles, no aircraft carries or nuclear submarines. Japan has come under increasing pressure to redirect this focus and expand its military operations, both from the United States and also domestically, in response to feared threats from China and North Korea.”

      Shinzo Abe has risen to political success again as Prime Minister of Japan. Abe ran on this platform: “Opposition leader Shinzo Abe…called for an increase in defense spending, easing constitutional restrictions on the military, and even changing the name of Japan’s so-called Self Defense Forces to something that sounds, well, more like a real military. He also wants to get tough on the neighbors, which is what a lot of voters want to hear right now.” Read more:

      Unfortunately, this also sounds like the Japanese people are war hawks again, which doesn’t bode well for a peaceful world any more than Republican war hawks bode peace for the U.S. The problem for the U.S. is how we are going to handle our debt to Japan. We can give them some of our Asian bases, but in what other ways can we effect payment to our Japanese allies? We provide Japan’s nuclear protection, so maybe we will give them nukes.

      • AW,

        I happen to know a little bit about the U.S.- Chinese relations in WW II. Yes, we sent pilots under Cheanault. They were officially called the AVG Group, but you may know them as the Flying Tigers 🙂

        Anyway, FDR set Japan up. He was taking actions he KNEW would cause Japan to attack us, he just figured they would attack the Philippines. Still, we were China’s friend until Eisenhower abandoned them to the Communists. In fact, if you will read “None Dare Call it Treason,” you’ll find our Presidents have been letting Russia and the Communists have what they wanted since WW II — yes, ALL of our Presidents (except maybe Reagan).

      • You KNOW the Council on Foreign Relations is a Globalist Front right !??

        There was WIDESPREAD genocide in China including Nanking …. BUTY the Japenese did NOT wipe out everyone in that City.

        We fail to see the “intent” of this currency war if we use early 20th Century Geo-Politics to analyze 21st Century Globalist goals.

        • Yep! The CFR was just the handiest resource, and the info. they provided is probably accurate, although we know their agenda is rotten. Actually, I thought it was a bit “cute” using the CFR as a resource.

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