Gun Control: the making of Political Sausage

Have you ever seen how they make sausage?  Well, let’s just say most people have a hard time eating sausage after seeing it made: it aint Purdy, iffin ya no wut I meen.  And that is exactly what all this hype over gun control – err, excuse me – “stopping gun violence” – is all about (Did you notice how the Progressives recently re-labeled this issue from ‘gun control’ to ‘stopping gun violence?’  This is just another example of how the Left manipulates the language to control your thoughts and actions).  Here, let me show you what the government is doing.

First, you need to understand that there is no need to spin any conspiracy theories here.  The government did not stage or lie about the recent school shootings.  They happened.  The government was just waiting for the next one to happen so they could pounce on the dead bodies like the political vultures they are.  And that is exactly what this is: the government using the deaths of children to push a political agenda of disarming the American people.  It’s an attack on our natural rights, and that constitutes an act of tyranny – by definition.

Now how did the government know – I mean know there would be another schools hooting?  That’s easy: they intentionally created the conditions for it.  They have seen to it that the population fears guns (they use the media to do this).  That’s what these stories represent: people losing their minds over an irrational fear of inanimate objects:

Nerf toy gun causes lockdown in Long Island...

Two 6-Year-Olds Suspended For Using Imaginary Weapons...

Principal suspended for appearing in spoof of 'Terminator' movies...

Then they use that fear to pass laws that make it impossible for law-abiding citizens to carry weapons for self defense (not just guns, but knives and even tazers, pepper spray and mace are often included in these bans).  So the government knows there will be innocent, defenseless people gathered in poorly defended locations.  We-ins in da stick likes to call dis “baitin’ da feeld.’

Next, we let Hollywood glorify guns, gangs and killing, and we ignore all the violent video games that have been proven to actually cause people to lose their natural aversion to killing.  Throw in some more ignoring of the mental health issues connected to nearly every mass shooting in the past 20 years and we have a boiling cauldron of ready-made killers.  Then the government throws a lit match into this powder keg by not using the judicial system to keep society safe from habitual and career criminals.  This is what these stories are actually all about:

'Gang War' Responsible For 90% Of Oakland Violence...

City leaders, police have no solutions...

Now, remember, the people are not allowed to have weapons to defend themselves against any of this stuff when it finally comes looking for them.  They are supposed to wait on the police: the same police that the Supreme Court has ruled have no duty to come protect you, only to pick up the bodies, collect evidence and then go catch and prosecute the bad guys (who will soon be back on the street to help perpetuate this same cycle all over again).

This is how the government knows there will be plenty of opportunities to push their agenda over the dead bodies of innocent children: because they have intentionally created a situation in which it can’t help but happen.  But wait, there’s one last card in their hand: gun control.  They know that America is against taking up our weapons, so they push, and push and push – all the time waiting for someone to snap and start shooting at government officials who are just trying to enforce a “reasonable compromise to stop gun violence.”  But there’ll be nothing “reasonable” about it when it happens.  It will be a crisis they created so they can do something they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to do – take our weapons – all of them!  And possibly even with the assistance of foreign troops.

Now, if you do not think this is the plan, let me ask you one simple question:

“How the bloody hell did all these ‘proposals,’ ‘executive orders,’ and proposed laws get written so fast in a city where they can’t write a budget in 5 years?”

13 thoughts on “Gun Control: the making of Political Sausage

  1. YES, TES, YES, Thank You So Much!

    Powers that be in Oakland refused to give us more cops, no matter how much our rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods screamed, begged for them. Quan & Company came up with Measure Y, which was supposed to tax us more in exchange for quaranteed minimum # of cops. I refused to support it because I didn’t trust them. Unfortunately, I was right.

    The city attorney & my city council rep told me to LEAVE. We moved to Oakland from Marin County to restore a Victorian and it was a quick commute to our SF Biz. My husband tried to talk me out of it…oh well, live & learn. It was quite an education.

    • Trapped,
      I’m continually amazed your comrades in California haven’t realized:
      The criminals still obtain and have “ILLEGAL” firearms.
      DUH !
      We have a friend whose fiance’ has been working in California the last 6 months. He says its dangerous, everyone has a guns. He says in some neighborhoods, you have to worry what color of clothing you are wearing, lest a gang member will kill you. He realizes everyone who has a gun is a CRIMINAL or GANG MEMBER.

      Quite frightening.

      What is the saying? “All Evil needs to succeed is for Good to stand by and do nothing.”

      The communists, understand what is occurring, they just don’t have the resources, yet, to build their “police state” to enforce their “utopia”.

  2. Here’s another question…how will all the liberals and talking heads that see nothing wrong with Obama signing executive orders on gun control feel when a President Rubio or West or Paul signs an executive order in 2017 outlawing abortion?

  3. The people “in charge” are purposely NOT providing a budget.

    A budget would provide evidence of their own malfeasance.

  4. Maybe the revolution talk will bring us together? It might be better than allowing a small fight to break out so the government could call in the U. N.?

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