Obama Admits He Should Be Impeached!

Actually, yes, he did.  No, he didn’t use those words, but he admitted he deserves to be impeached just the same.

Did you hear his speech on gun control?  Did you hear him tell you that “weapons of war” belong in the theater of war and not the movie theater?  Well, if you heard that today, what you heard is a man telling the world he does not understand the U.S. Constitution well enough to take his oath of office and he deserves to be impeached.

Now, if you disagree with my take on this, you are certainly free to do so, but you are wrong.  The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, sports shooting or even personal self-defense.  It is about defending our communities and our society from tyranny — the very sort of tyranny represented by 20+ “executive orders.”

It’s that simple, folks.

17 thoughts on “Obama Admits He Should Be Impeached!

  1. Yeah!! We should let kids eat all the sweets they want, watch all the TV they want, play all the video games they want… as long as they plead for it.

    Oh. Wait. No we shouldn’t… because we’re friggin’ ADULTS, with life’s experiences, reason, accountability, and the ability for abstract thought. We actually KNOW BETTER than a bunch of 9-10yos.

    What a pile of odious emotional nonsense.

    W.H. Releases Letters from Little Kids Pleading for Gun Control

    • Coward. Obama is a coward. He stands behind children and makes emotional pleas to other “childish thinking” people.

      Remember in the first debate when Romney actually debated Obama? A bully’s childish response.

      What has Obama accomplished? Community Organizer and demagogue, cheating behind the scenes, breaking the rules.

      How did Obama learn to “lead” as a teenager in Hawaii?

      Playing team sports by the rules? Winning some, losing some, etc…

      Participating in Student Government in student elected government?

      NO, Obama was riding around with the “Choom-gang” creating and teaching new ways to his followers on how to conserve and enjoy all the marijuana smoke from their illegal drugs.

  2. Once again Joe. You are what is wrong with America. You and your backward ideas and beliefs. Boy you love to hear yourself talk, huh?


      Rezwan Haq and facts is an oxymoron.

      Rez is an individual living in my local area who was repeatedly censored by the local News Paper for plagiarism (after the paper had no choice because of how blatant his plagiarism was. Before that, the news paper actually ignored it).

      Haq also had to have a little visit from the local authorities after he threatened to rape my wife and kill my children on a school computer during class hours.

      I just thought people should know who they are dealing with when they read this child’s commentary.

      • I was curious as to his “rebuttaling” by calling opinions facts.

        Rezzie, sweetie, here in bitter flyover country, when a turkey vulture s$&ts on our head, we recognize it for what it is, clean it off, and put on a hat.

        • @Sally,

          Yeah, old Rez is… Well, shall we say, “factually challenged?” 🙂

          Would you believe it took the majority of the founding RNL crew more than a week to convince old Rez we are not a democracy but rather, a republic??? That’s the intellect we’re dealing with in Rez 😉

    • Facts? This is an opinion posted under “letters to the editor”. You’re entitled to your personal opinion, but facts are curious things — no matter what we may want or how passionate we hold our opinions, our opinion doesn’t change the facts. That’s as true today as when John Adams used that sentiment to defend the British soldiers responsible for the Boston massacre.

    • Even a broken clock is right twice a day Rez, “People are allowed to have stupid opinions, but they shouldn’t be allowed to pass those opinions as facts.”

      Maybe you should follow your own advice. Your “paper” is not only poorly written, but full of stupid opinions posted as facts.

      Shall we parse the paper here on the RNL for you? I’m down for making you look like a dolt. Question is, are you ready to defend your idiocy?

      • Augger,

        have you ever dealt with Rez before? You can kill him and he’ll come back to life just to “prove” you didn’t kill him and that you are a “liar.” This kid is the very definition of what the Progressives have always dreamed of producing through our public schools. He has Kool-Aid pumping through his veins, doc.

  3. The good news here in bitter flyover country: the cops are on our side. Their motto: When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away. They like the idea of decent people standing up for themselves, either from criminals or from tyrants.

    The crap weasels will have to hire someone else to get shot attempting to confiscate weapons. Peter, you looking for a job?

  4. The good news from the military is that most of the soldiers agree with us too. I’m not absolutely certain of their officers, but the soldiers themselves aren’t giving up their weapons either.

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