Obama Joins Infamous List of Cowardly Tyrants Who Hide Behind Children

I want to make this very clear, I am not a fan of InfoWars. HOWEVER, int his case, you need to read this link — or rather, just look at the pictures. they will tell the story in less than 30 seconds.

Other Tyrants Who Have Used Children As Props

I ask you, How could the signs of what is happening in this country be any more clear. And how is it that so many Americans are missing these signs of growing tyranny?


This is also immoral: to exploit children in this way is akin to child pornography.  I see no difference between the two.

8 thoughts on “Obama Joins Infamous List of Cowardly Tyrants Who Hide Behind Children

  1. I’m not either but he expressed what a lot felt towards the Cotton-Mouth from England…..Piers Morgan.

    So I looked at the archives on his site and some of his past interviews……he’s been showing a lot of similar stuff to Beck for a long time it appears. And pretty good expose’s of the Facsit agenda. A lot of Hystrionics but a LOT of good stuff uncovered too …. I came away thinking he is passionately Anti-Facist/ Socialist.

      • When I looked through the rather extensive archives …. alot of what he says and uncovered Jibes with Beck….and for that matter with your own positions especially regarding the Reasons behind certain actions from the Government, and WHY those actions have been taken.

        • Don,

          Again, if this is the guy I believe him to be, he HATES Beck! And while he has the basics right, he goes off the deep end. I believe he is one of the primary sources of the “9/11 truthers.” That’s why I am more than skeptical when dealing with him, but notice: I still posted the story. I try to avoid fallacious reasoning and, just because I question the source, it doesn’t mean the information presented is wrong. In the case of this link, his pictures are DEAD ON!

  2. Conspiracy theory fruit loop ? … hee hee hee hee

    The left thinks all the tea partiers are “conspiracy theory fruit loops”.

    • I don’t know who Avast is, but I will tell you that my friend, Achilles, now swears by protection. He claims the Trojan Horse to be a sham. Whodathunk? But let’s face it; when you’ve got Helen of Troy in front of you, guess your mind deviates…..

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