More Liberal Benevolence On Display

Super… more left-wing terrorism. Just like the Occupy member and his pregnant girlfriend who were arrested in NYC with weapons and explosives. When was that… barely a month ago?

I’m sure they were entrapped and encouraged by agent provocateurs, planted by the Tea Party.

‘Idle No More’ Activist Busted for Molotov Threat at Wisconsin Capitol


While we are out banning things, let’s ban benevolent liberal activists and Molotov Cocktails too!

Liberalism …. today’s mental health disorder.

4 thoughts on “More Liberal Benevolence On Display

    • The Free Sh*t Army will not be denied.

      Think this is bad, wait until the impacts of these taxes affects them, or worse … when the money runs out. Tis why they pray for disarmed Americans, my darling.

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