The Level Of Liberal Ignorance About Guns Is ASTOUNDING

How about those 23 EO’s that President Boy Genius put out yesterday, huh? Sheer shit sandwich, weren’t they? They will do absolutely zero to curb issues like Sandy Hook, but sure open the door to the destruction of personal liberty.

But that was always the real purpose, wasn’t it?

It only sounded good to the liberals, the media and dumbasses – but I repeat myself.

In the same way that we have noted that there is rank stupidity about how food gets to a grocery store in Manhattan or that if God had not intended us to eat animals, he would not have made them out of meat – tasty, tasty meat, the New York Times actually provided a graphic used along with an insipid article in the Seattle Times about what makes a standard, garden variety AR-15 an “assault weapon”.

If you are drinking your coffee, please put it down. I am not responsible for damage to your keyboard:


Click to Enlarge

According to this graphic, apparently the cosmetic features of an AR-15 make it super-deadly. Notice that they list “grenade launcher” as a feature as if you can just drive to the gun store and get one or Cabelas has them on sale – when it is only a useless barrel feature that is only there to remain true to the original military design. I haven’t heard of any murders that have been carried out with a grenade launcher, have you? I don’t think you can get grenades at Wal-Mart…maybe they carry those in Chicago but they don’t at the Super Wal-Mart in New Albany, Mississippi.

But “grenade launcher” sounds extreme and immediately generates fear, so while it is a barrel mount that is functionally useless to the user of the weapon, it is useful in scaring the massed herds of Eloi.

This is pure idiocy of the highest order. This was done to scare the ignorant people in New York City and other liberal bastions around the country – like Seattle. Out of every feature they list, there is only one, the magazine, that is even mildly related to anything functional on the weapon at all. Notice that they never even mention semi-automatic vs. fully automatic modes which is the only real characteristic change that would make this an “assault weapon”. All the rest are essentially cosmetic.

But it looks scary.

The Other McCain points to this where a commenter called “septithol” had a brilliant description of this condition:

Secondly, I think I have figured out what is wrong with most people. The majority of Americans today have a type of thinking which I would describe as ‘magical’, except a friend of mine corrected me on that, and said no serious magical practitioner would think that way. So perhaps a better adjective would be to describe the thought processes of most Americans as *infantile*. An infant throws a tantrum, and milk magically appears. An infant throws another tantrum, and a scary looking object from their room is hurriedly taken away by an adult.

In the past, at some point, adults stopped giving this instantaneous gratification to children when they reached a certain age, but nowadays, parents keep treating their children in an infantile fashion until they are 18. Such as a recent experience of mine, a friend of mine who is a music teacher got fired. For attempting to do his job and having the audacity to suggest to a student that since his face was growing (caused by a thing called puberty) it might improve his trumpet playing if he switched to a different mouthpiece.

Student immediately went home and cried to his parents. “Wah! Mean old teacher says my trumpet playing isn’t perfect! Mean old teacher is trying to make me do things I don’t want to do, like using a different mouthpiece on my trumpet!”

The parents (being just as infantile themselves) went to the school board and threw a tantrum of their own, until the board agreed to give them their instantaneous gratification and fired the teacher.

There is a big problem with retaining this infantile desire for instantaneous, complete, gratification, to adulthood. It requires a fairly large support structure. In infants, this support structure comes from the parents, or other nearby adults. This doesn’t work so well with adults, if you have 300 million adults, in a country, how are you going to provide the support structure to provide ALL of them with instantaneous gratification? Either you will have to pick which ones get the gratification, at the expense of the rest, (which doesn’t work real well, since the ‘rest’ are equally infantile, and expect gratification themselves, not providing it to others) or else somehow force people in other countries to provide the gratification for the infantile people in your own country (which also doesn’t work very well, sooner or later it will start a war).

Anyway, how this infantile behavior relates to the demands for gun control, is that babyish people refuse to acknowledge that maniacs exist in the world, and there is nothing the government can do to prevent them from trying to kill others. If you refuse to acknowledge that ATTEMPTS at mass murder simply can’t be 100% prevented, then you will throw a tantrum at any solution (such as arming people) that acknowlege that such attempts as murder will sometimes occur, and try to find a way of stopping them when they do occur. Instead, the infantile people demand that the government ‘somehow’ prevent all attempts at mass murder, like a baby demanding that it’s parents remove a scary toy it is frightened of, from it’s nursery. Rather than telling people to grow up (which might cost him votes), Obama is handing them a pacifier. It accomplishes nothing, but it shuts baby up.

Fucking morons.

But we must be dumber yet to allow these idiots to be in charge.

17 thoughts on “The Level Of Liberal Ignorance About Guns Is ASTOUNDING

  1. Utah,

    The rank-and-file Leftist may be ignorant about these matters, but we shouldn’t give their leaders a pass. Even if they don’t know all the details, they know enough to know they are lying to further a cause: the goal of disarming American citizens so they won’t be able to resist more open acts of tyranny.

  2. “pacifiers or scary toy”

    excellent analogy

    Joe is correct, disarming is required for them to complete their goal of total domination.

  3. This mess depresses me, actually. I turned in my grenade launcher and grenades when I found out I couldn’t mount or use them on my Remington 742 Semi-Automatic 30.06 rifle with 5 round magazine. The pistol grip? A very dangerous option no doubt, and the collapsible stock is certainly responsible for the deaths of many large and small animals, not to mention young children. How such a large number of people (Eloi), I’m almost hesitant to say Americans, cannot see that the AR15 style weapons are not responsible for the deaths of anyone (the shooter is) is beyond me. How so many are being led down the path of emasculating the 2nd Amendment is simply amazing.
    I was thinking yesterday, if we’re not careful, we will find ourselves limited to owning one single-shot .22 handgun and one 20 ga. single shot shotgun. After all, we’ll still be able to own firearms, right?

  4. Maybe some could provide some understanding and clarity on this issue…..

    If we have a Constitutional Republic (which we still do …. since noone has OFFICIALLY done away withit via a “Coup” or legislation yet ) ……. And we have Clear Balance of Power between 3 EQUAL branches of Government …. AND we the people are the Ultimate authority via our Representative Democracy ….

    Then Why exactly are these “Executive Orders ” even legal …. or are they actually a “Grey Area” and not legal since the Executive Order was specifically for the purpose of the President (at any specific time) to make Orders for the Executive! Hence the ability of the Next President to undo them.

    So ….exactly why do the EO’s have anything to do with Legislation ??

    • I think Himself (I like to call him Ipso in latin) knows he can’t do anything…yet…so he pulls a big show out of his hiney to prove he is doing something for the CHEEEELDRUN.

      Which is why it was 23 big sheet sandwiches. But he’s got breadmakers (and indeed shitmakers…ask Al Roker) in the back room working on bigger and more totalitarian sheet sandwiches.

  5. Presidential Executive Order’s cannot legally change or modify “Federal Laws.” Federal Laws are defined in Article I of the Constitution, of which I have written several posts explaining.

  6. Don,
    I’m no Constitutional lawyer. However if you read the Constitution and our founders letters ….

    Constitution designed “separation of powers” would say yes. The executive is suppose to merely implement laws of Congress. Executive Orders would be “process” oriented, not “goal” oriented, for federal agencies and the Congressional laws the agencies were formed to implement.

    Unfortunately, we have a long line of Presidents overstepping their Constitutional authority, and Congressional parties purporting to give the Executive “power” to do things Congress cannot politically accomplish…..

    For example, the EPA “determining” they can the regulate exhaust gas, Carbon Dioxide,(CO2), which every person exhales….

  7. In the ’94 ban, detachable magazines were not banned, but were restricted to 10 rounds capacity. I know because I have a Clinton ban AK-47 and it will not accept a larger capacity magazine unless you do some file work on the magazine hole…which is against the law.

    Irregardless, high capacity magazines for any rifle or semi-auto pistol are virtually non existent at this time because people with more foresight, bought them all up. I can’t even find ten rd magazines for my AK. Ammunition, except for the rarer calibers, is also hard to find. Our local gun shop has a five box per caliber a day limit. And yes, I visited the shop for several consecutive days.

      • Good luck finding a pre or post ban AK or AR-15 type rifle. We did manage to buy a Mossberg Tactical .22 before even those were gone. We got the last one and also got the last 250 rds of 12 gauge 00 Buck, Hornady Zombie Max, from them too. Gun manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with demand.

  8. I bought a grenade launcher at the local Bass Pro the other day. It was $14.99 and they had labeled it a “Sling shot.”

    Probably won’t be able to find any grenades, but we have a lot of rocks around here. 🙂

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