And Atheists Say They Are Moral People


If it is true that Atheists are just as moral as people of faith, then this story proves what I have been trying to explain about the fact that you cannot define morality in universal terms without a Creator:

Atheists to Distribute ‘An X-Rated Book’ to Public School Kids to Combat Christians’ Bible Give Away

Setting aside the religious aspect of this story, the Bible is the single greatest and most factual history book known to man — never once being proven wrong about anything (at least, not to date).  So, it would seem that, if Atheists are going to be taken at their word for just believing in what “is,” that they wouldn’t be attacking the Bible on historic grounds as they are doing here — would it?

But then there is the religious side of this.  How is it “moral” to attack someone’s beliefs in such a manner as that in this story (i.e. dishonestly)?  And how is it moral to attack the Bible for its accounts of sexual promiscuity when the Bible is very clear that such behavior ruins lives?  It would seem the Atheists are attacking themselves in this regard and they don’t even know it.  And if it is moral to attack someone’s faith in this manner, then why isn’t it moral for the religious to attack homosexuals?  And there is the Catch-22: if left only to ourselves and without God’s authority, we can and will come up with some 6-7 Billion different moral codes.  And you know what that is a recipe for?  Social decay and collapse.  And you know what our society is primarily suffering from right now?  That’s right… 😉

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