NY Mayor Warns He Expect Govt. to Murder NY Citizens in order to Stop “Gun Violence”

Yes, that is exactly what this guy is saying in this story:

NY Mayor Warns Of “Waco-Style Standoff” Over Gun Control Laws

But then, you’ll only understand that if you’re one of those who understand that the govt. murdered those people at Waco. If you happen o be a pro-Big Brother type, then you’ll think I am going over the top again — but I’m not. Just ask all those who have been killed throughout history when they refused to surrender their weapons to tyrants.


The part of this story that makes my blood boil is that this guy probably wants these sort of standoffs.  They’re all part of the method I wrote about here.

2 thoughts on “NY Mayor Warns He Expect Govt. to Murder NY Citizens in order to Stop “Gun Violence”

  1. Is this mayor saying this as a warning, explaining why the NY gun laws are wrong?

    The upstate rural, areas, voted against the NY bans. Remington has a plant in NY where they produce the very firearms NY just banned.

    Remington should begin the move of the equipment and jobs to a free state immediately.

    People should take note of Waco, and realize they must respond differently.

    “Local” law enforcement officers who observed the federal agents at Waco, become somber and sad when the subject is mentioned.

    • Local Law enforcement and the Texas State Guard better understand that they will have to act VERY VERY differently towards the Feds next time the Feds start this s–T in Texas…..or it will end witha lot of Good taxpaying Conservative Texans being “Waco’d” .

      That will be, as I mentioned in another post, the “Yeltsin-Russian Tank Commandrs Moment”…..either they protect the Citizens of Texas, with those citizens standing behind and supporting them……or it will be over and Tyranny will have won while they dance on our graves and eat $200 Taxpayor-funded sandwiches.

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