Maybe Liberals Should Concuss More Often

Apparently concussing a liberal’s head promotes rational thought (for them: confusion). Remember back during the height of the Benghazi attacks no one (including Hillary Clinton), would dare to call the event a terrorist event. Now after suffering a fall and resultant concussion, Hillary has had an epiphany…

Clinton calls hostage siege ‘act of terror,’ after American dies in Algerian raid

The perpetrators are the terrorists. They are the ones who have assaulted this facility, have taken hostage Algerians and others from around the world as they were going about their daily business.
– Secretary Clinton


Now I would venture to say that of the potential signs and symptoms of a concussion, three certainly could fit her symptoms:

    ~ Irritability and other personality changes
    ~ Psychological adjustment problems
    ~ Confusion

Following her statements as of late, maybe Secretary Clinton should seek professional medical help.

10 thoughts on “Maybe Liberals Should Concuss More Often

    • “What’s going on with regards to her testifying?”

      Due to testify on Jan 23 I believe. What she is presupposed to say … I have no idea. Obama will likely order her to call it “Workplace Violence”.

  1. Let’s be honest, there are certain groups in America that you just cant criticize, Muslims are among these groups. Therefore, Muslims can’t be terrorists and Hilary is just toeing the party line. Simple, if you understand Progressive. Actually, maybe trying to function under this kind of “makes no sense” Progressive system is what’s giving Hilary head problems. I know it certainly makes my head feel like its going to explode sometimes! 😊

    • Hillary-the-Hip couldn’t even call the Algerians “Islamist Terrorists” like the rest of the World Press is doing. This is the Result of the Muslim infiltration of our State Dept and other parts of the Gov’t, and the ordering that any reference to islam be considered “biased” etc… Remember her “charge D-Affairs” Huma ( Weiner’s Wife) is the Duaghter of the Head of the Women’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt !!

      The Muslims in Algeria do what ALL Muslims have always done and always do…..Take over an area Violently ( as they have recently in Mali) …. then they declare they are going to force Sharia Law under threat of Arms and Death….carry out murders…..

      And Hillary calls them …. “Terrorists” ……….. And I guess those now at West Point woukld equate them with Conservatives in the US…….That’s the new Normal Right ???

    • “Let’s be honest, there are certain groups in America that you just cant criticize, Muslims are among these groups.”

      And just why not? Because they will stone us, like they did in Michigan?

      • No, because the media (at least in CA) refuses to discuss them using the same standards they use for English-German-French-Americans like myself.

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