13 thoughts on ““Grandaddy’s Gun” by Aaron Lewis

  1. The fondest memories I have growing up are the times with my grandfather, father, uncles, and cousins, on the gun range and in the field.

    I can still smell the coffee, see the warm breathe exhaled by the adults in the cold air, the sun coming up…

    • Don, I’ve always dug bluegrass; it strikes a chord with me. Thanks for the video!. It reminds me of of my sister’s wedding…..my relatives do the Irish dancing, and his relatives do the Irish dancing, so it was a Riverdance Reception. (I just faked it on the dance floor…)

      Do you notice the familiarities or is it just me and my crazy kinfolk? 😉

      • The Scots-Irish came through the Cumberland pass in the 1700′ and settled that part of the South away from the Coast and Rivers where the Planters were……..So you are absloutely correct about the Connection.

        To me this Dancing and Music has a deep soul to it……the look on the Kid’s faces….the perfect time and beat kept in sync by the dancers feet ……I’m not from that part of the country but I LOVE this music and dance !!

        Here is another by the same film-maker, same year 1966 I think…this time not from the Carolina Hills … but from New Hampshire, takes them a few minutes to “warm” to the tune … but then they cut the rug…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZubTju7g_s

        Both examples are from the English-Irish Isles originally ….. became regional in the Americas.

          • Yes. as far back as 1179 on my father’s side….much less so on my mother’s.

            English, Scottish, Welch…Father………Scottish, German, Polish .. Mother…………..Et Tu ??

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