Hollywood Perpetuates American Ignorance About Guns

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What Americans don’t know will hurt all of us.

I’ve tried to rationalize the irrationality about weapons and why my legal ownership and use of pistols, rifles and shotguns scares liberals so much. Since they live in a fantasy world most of the time, the creators of fantasy must have some role.

That’s where Hollywood comes in.

I don’t mean that Hollywood’s propensity for violence and gunplay is responsible for people going out and kill. I’m a guy (they call us “lads” in the UK). I like explosions, I like seeing the good guy triumph over evil and sometimes that takes the form of a 9mm subsonic slug delivered to the bad guy’s head from a Walther PPK…but I, my kids and 99.9% of the people I know can separate entertainment from reality.

What I mean to say is that Hollywood has created a theatrical representation of guns and their capability that simply doesn’t exist in the real world.

  • A “silenced” pistol doesn’t go “phut” so quietly that someone 10 feet away can’t hear it:

Modern day silencers typically can reduce the noise about 14.3-43 decibels, depending on a variety of factors, such as whether it’s a subsonic bullet or not; length of the barrel/silencer; etc. The average suppression level, according to independent tests done on a variety of commercially available suppressors, is around 30 dB, which is around the same reduction level of typical ear protection gear often used when firing guns.

That’s actually pretty significant considering the decibel system is a logarithmic scale; so, for example, 200 dB is 1000 times louder than 100 dB, not double, and a reduction of 40 dB is more like 1/100th of the original sound. However, for most commercially available fire arms and cartridges, this ends up only reducing the noise level to somewhere in the range of 130-150-ish dB for a supersonic cartridge and 117-130-ish dB for a subsonic cartridge. For reference on just how loud that is, an ambulance or police siren is typically between 100-140 dB. So this isn’t exactly the “whoosh” sound Hollywood depicts. Given that hearing loss can occur as low as 85 dB, it’s typically recommended that even with a silencer on a fire arm, that the shooter still wears some sort of hearing protection.

  • There is no such thing as the “infinite” or “bottomless” magazine” – many shoot-outs on film would require a wheelbarrow of ammo to keep them going. In the Die Hard movies, John McClain would have to be packing 10-15 mags – per weapon – to be able to pop off the number of rounds he does.

Ignorance and emotion is no basis for a rational discussion or decision. Even people who don’t understand or own guns should take the time to learn a little – the data for the brilliant Michael Ramirez editorial cartoon above is easily available at the FBI website – not the NRA, this is the federal government’s own data, unfiltered and unskewed.

There is nothing about the current Democrat/liberal/leftist rhetoric that is fact based or accurate. There is not once single shred of evidence that anything that these charlatans have proposed or done in the month since Sandy Hook that would evenly remotely come close to preventing the massacre or any other in the past, present or future. This is about the classic battle of the collective versus the individual, the need for control in a civil society versus the rights of an individual to act.

You may well oppose guns in selected and/or any forms but please take the time to recognize when you are being taken advantage of for the purpose of the accumulation of political power rather than public safety.

6 thoughts on “Hollywood Perpetuates American Ignorance About Guns

  1. Now it is confirmed no semi automatic rifle was used by Lanza. Four handguns but no information yet on what caliber and magazine capacity. Another instance of the MSM lying on purpose to further a cause.

    • They didn’t have a choice, but to admit it because video of the trunk search showed clearly that the Bushmaster was still in the trunk. But the lie is still out there and no matter how many times you try to counter it, idiots are going to believe that Lanza used the Bushmaster to kill all those kids because that’s what they heard at first. I’ve even had people say the media is now deliberately trying to cover it up because the NRA is putting pressure on them. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad that critical thinking skills in this country have gotten so bad.

  2. Will 10 round mags save lives? Maybe if bad guys don’t get more than one, or don’t practice.

    Six shots, reload, six shots …. all in 2.99 seconds. Simple revolver. But he’s not chasing kids, and thank God for that. No, magazine size doesn’t matter.

    Now what the Senate needs to do is to go balance the budget since those gun haters got this murdering looney issue pegged.

  3. I explained this to a young friend of my daughter a while back.

    Jason Straitham has it in his contract that his antagonists in these films do not actually get to shoot real live guns at him. I suspect most Hollywood stars have the same clauses in their contracts. Therefore, every shot we hear fired on the screen is a fake shot. There’s no sound, there’s no muzzle flash, there’s no blood splatter. It’s all special effects. So, yeah, Jason’s gun in his latest movie seemed to fire 700 rounds in 2.5 seconds with a single pull of the trigger, but that doesn’t mean there is any gun anywhere, let alone the civilian market, that can fire even seven rounds in 2.5 seconds with a single pull of a trigger. I asked Mythbusters to address it. It’s one small step toward educating people. So are discussions like this one.

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