Democrats don’t want to “take anybody’s guns?” Yeah… sure they don’t…

Feel free to provide this link to any ignorant friends (everybody has one) who says “You Republicans are paranoid! Nobody is talking about confiscation”

Yes they are, and yes they would… if they could.

8 thoughts on “The NY SAFE Act

  1. Had to watch it twice to catch what the fella was saying. Something to the effect of “confiscation really does have the ability to dampen a compromise.” I think that’s what he said……. need to get my hearing checked……

    • Which is THEN followed by “ethnic” and “Political” cleansing……which is then followed by mass Murder and genocide.

        • Yes indeed …. but our Schools haven’t made this Clear to young folks…..Who need to know FIRST there is the Talk of “cleaning” the society of undesirable Political discord…..THEN the State murders those Undesirables. The Gen X and Y have to recognize that the genocidal ACTS follow shortly after the TALK, and after the enactment of new “Laws” to “protect” society.

  2. Which reminds me of why our system of government and its constitution was designed by the founders in the way it was. To protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

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