More Taxes? When Will We Ever Learn?

Have you seen this?

Senate Democrats’ budget plan will reopen battle over taxes

Senate Democrats plan to draft a budget blueprint that calls for significantly higher taxes on the wealthy, oil and gas companies and corporations doing business overseas, reopening a battle over taxes Republicans had hoped to lay to rest with the “fiscal cliff.”

This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. Look, we can tax 100% of ALL income in this nation and, if Washington refuses to cut spending, it will not be enough. You see, as much as these insane — yes, insane people in Washington claim that we do not have a spending problem, WE HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM! Think about it: could you spend MORE than 100% of the entire world’s income — if you wanted to? yes, yes you could. So how can you ever balance a budget without cutting spending? You can’t.

So what does this story tell us? It tells us that our politicians do not care about balancing the budget — not the Democrats or Republicans. So that leaves us having to wonder what they are really trying to do. Ponder that one long enough and you will eventually wind up at Cloward and Piven and/or a Marxist redistribution of American wealth.

10 thoughts on “More Taxes? When Will We Ever Learn?

  1. Obama’s Coronation Speech strongly pushed Global Warming Carbon Taxes….and a not so subtle “threat” to the “deniers” of the Climate Change Hoax !!!

  2. Seems that Everyone and I mean everyone has forgotten that no matter where the tax is applied in the cost chain; it is the end user of the product that pays the taxes. Things will remain the same, until we can educate everyone to the fact that when they see the word ‘TAX’, it means an increase in price to them.

    • Right ! and that starts Today….by talking to everyone you know, and to the checkout clerk, waiter etc…..because the “everyone” you mention ONLY gets news from Jon Stewart, Facebook friends and Administration sound-bites………WE have to be the everyday Information disseminators and educators !

  3. It’s simple math. All the taxable income in the United States come to about $7.3 trillion. Federal spending in 2012 was about $3.8 trillion. That works out to needing to take more than 50% of the taxable income to support current federal spending. That doesn’t address the debt; it’s simply a holding action to cover the deficit. So, yeah, taxes have to go up … if we think spending at this level is a good idea. I don’t, but this administration and the progressives in Congress do, so ….


    • Aurora,

      And if we gave them 50% of the GDP, what do you think would happen to the spending levels in this nation?

      And then what would be left for the State and local governments?

      Aint liberal-logic grand? 🙂

      • Oh, I “get” it, but THEY do not. Sadly, most Americans won’t “get” it until it starts coming out of their paychecks. Those of us who pay taxes now will be the first to feel it because that’s the plan — to roll the tax increases downward, to just keep redefining wealth downward until you reach about $50,000 a year — the approximate median income of the nation’s income producers. With 40% of us so strapped for cash before it ever hits our wallets and 40-45% not even paying most taxes, the elite hopes that those of us who are ready to revolt won’t have the resources to do so and that the rest of them won’t want to. They forget the 15-20% in the middle who will look around and have to decide whether to join the revolt or the subjects. In the American Revolution they chose the revolt, eventually.

  4. The Marxists DO understand they are spending more than can ever possibly be paid for.

    It’s about destroying America economically. Economically is how every great nation/ society falls.

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