The Timing Was Perfect

As many readers know, I have been cataloging a personal saga of my interaction with the socialized medical system in the UK. I went in to see my assigned GP back in March of 2012 due to issues that I had been having, something that had been going on for a while and my doctor in Panama City had suspected was sleep apnea – but the timing was such that I had to move to the UK for my next assignment and we never got to finish the testing here in the US.

Those initial encounters with the NHS are here, detailing the delays and waits for services and the significant lag time after a visit before the next step was taken.

Well, as luck would have it, I flew out of Scotland for the last time on Friday, January 18th and wouldn’t you know it – this  also came via Royal Mail on the same day:

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

I am now officially diagnosed as having sleep apnea and am set to get a CPAP machine (well, I’m actually not – because I’m back in the US permanently now)…and it only took 10 months to get to where friends of mine who were similarly diagnosed got to in 6 weeks here in the US.

All of this even though the Brits have been at this for 70 years…and they went all in from the start.

How well do you think Obamacare will work based on this information?



6 thoughts on “The Timing Was Perfect

  1. Well, at least you made it to the sleep study phase. Diagnosis would have come shortly to follow …

    I’m sorry, but this just makes me have to laugh a bit.

    Side bar: Educators Hit by ObamaCare

    “when all is said and done, quite literally millions upon millions of people out there will have less take home pay and worse benefit packages post-Obamacare than they did pre-Obamacare.”

    Thanks so much, liberal America. You are turning our country into something with which we can all be so very proud.

  2. Every time the Socialists drag out their big bat and smack Liberty up side the head, I get one of those Big Old Ringing Migraines. Having self diagnosed BORM, I treat it myself with no waiting. Usually it involves a nap, a beer or a letter to the editor. Or all three.

    Our local public health office offered free flu shots to people in one of the recent iterations of the nasty flu virus. They advertised on radio and in the newspaper (no teevee stations here in our little burg of some 10,000). They encouraged elderly, young children, and the infirm to come get the free shots.

    Turnout was unexpectedly high, so they had people get in line (Who knew, people want free sh**?).

    The line. Snaked around outside the building. In early spring. In the cold. Rain.

  3. Our union here for State of Alaska workers have told us to expect trouble with our “cadillac” health care plan. We’re among those who have excellent coverage for a low price. The State pays some of it and the employees pay the rest and, because we are such a large group, we self-manage and the rate increases have been far less steep than they were at my last job. But the union tells us that we’re going to be forced to either pay more or take a coverage reduction because ACA appears to say we pay too little for too much.

    Yeah, I tilted my head to the side and went “huh” too as I was reading the letter. My husband got a similar one from the IBEW explaining that the Alaska IBEW is not party to the deal the national cut so they can expect the same problem.

    Yes, it appears that it is now illegal to have excellent coverage at an affordable rate. At least that’s how I read the letter.

  4. So in Scotland you have to let the department of motor vehicles and your auto insurance company know that you have a sleep disorder and might fall asleep behind the wheel and kill someone?

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