This Is What Happens When You Divorce The Declaration From The Constitution

When you separate the Constitution from the Declaration of Independence, you get this:

Obama Argues for More Government Using…the Constitution?

And this:

Defends role of strong government...
'Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action'...

None of this is in keeping with the founding principles and ideals of this nation. None of this is in keeping with the principles of individual rights and liberty. All of this is in keeping with that which our founders freed us: TYRANNY!

But there are many Americans — ignorant Americans — who will hear his flowery words and think he is speaking our founders’ language.  If only those ignorant Americans would put down their cell phones and read the words of our founders, they might find that Obama has nothing in common with them, and everything in common with King George.  But then, as long as they get their free sh*t, what do they care.

Are you ready to discuss secession yet?

8 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When You Divorce The Declaration From The Constitution

    • Why don’t you address the Text and Context of what the OP is saying Peter instead of Ad Hominum attacks ??

      Is THIS what you Liberals call Dialogue ? This kind of comment is EXACTLY why Conservatives call Liberals Drones……you act and sound like you don’t have a mind of your own…….Just vicious, angry, Hatespeech in place of True Conversation.

      There are Two links provided….Read what your Cult figure Obama has SAID and then Read the Declaration and the Constitution…….THEN come back and say why you feel the OP is wrong or Right, based on Merits and Textual Fact !!

    • Peter, as if MSN doesn’t lean to the left. How is that anymore reliable.

      So, just google the text of the inaugural speech. If the Blaze article is lying, it should be pretty easy to find out. Just go look at the original source like I did and you’ll see the Blaze didn’t lie.

      Here, I’ve provided a link for you so you won’t hurt yourself thinking deep thoughts.

  1. Are you ready to discuss secession yet?

    Always. How do we prepare for it and can it be done without shooting American soldiers? At this point, I’m still in favor of nonviolence.

    • Aurora,

      Agreed, and yes! The States just need to remember they are sovereign nations and start acting like them. Tells the Feds they are done and then just quit! DO not accept anything from the feds. Nationalize ALL federal property and assets inside their borders. And tell their citizens they no longer need to give anything to the Fed, especially taxes.

      The main obstacles here are normalcy bias (people will resist simply because it is a change) and fear (too many depend on the feds to eat and they will resist because they are afraid and lazy).

      • I’m going to say that it’s not as easy as you make it sound.

        Prime example — Alaska. We have the resource base to be our own country (not many states can say that). We’re are currently the 13th or 15th largest oil-producing governmental unit in the world. However, most of our land is locked up by the feds and permitting issues make it extremely difficult to develop energy and mineral resources on state lands. Moreover, the petro companies prefer to keep us as a land-bank for the future. North Dakota has 134 (approx) active drill sites. Alaska has two or three (depends if you count Shell’s mess off Barrow). So, we’re operating with one hand tied behind our backs.

        Something like 25 or 30% of the Alaskan statewide budget comes from federal revenue sharing. If we stopped accepting it, and other states did not, we’d be at a severe disadvantage to those other states. If we tried to make it up with an income tax, we’d quickly separate those who stay here because we’re nuts from those who want a decent standard of living for their wages. If they cut the budget, a lot of Alaskans would be out of work. (More on the reasons for that in a post on my blog sometime).

        Revenue sharing acts as golden handcuffs on Alaska and probably all the other states. To say no means that your citizens tax dollars are still going out with no benefit returning. Only if most of the other states also did it would it work. For Alaska, it would be easier to secede, wrest control of our resource development from the feds and open up bids to all comers. For one state alone to go on a “hunger strike” just starves that state. It doesn’t harm the federal government at all.

        Now, if 35 of the 50 states did it as a coordinated effort — now you’re sending a message. Are we there yet? The closest I’ve seen to it was the “sage brush rebellion” of the 1980s and that was basically killed by more revenue sharing.

        • Aurora,

          That’s easy. The State govt. simply points to the Constitution, tells the Feds they have ZERO authority to take your lands — no matter what laws they pass — and then tell them to get out. It just takes courage.

          • Well, I agree with that! Alaska does need to have the fight with the feds over lands. I suspect the feds wouldn’t take the eviction notice well and gunfire would ensue.

            At some point, however, the states that feel that way have to band together. It does no good for Alaska to turn down revenue sharing when the other 49 are still feeding at the trough. Alaskans would still be out 25-40% of their income in taxes to the feds. If they’re not getting any of that back and it’s all being sent to other states, Alaska is putting itself on a starvation diet for the benefit of those other states. That’s the definition of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

            Now, if at least half of the other states joined Alaska — well, now you’ve got something going. Unfortunately, I think we’d see a lot “Great idea! You first!” behavior.

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