Woodrow Wilson Would Be Proud of Obama — If He Weren’t Black

Wilson only dreamed of having the power to defy our Constitution that Obama has exhibited, but he was on par with Obama’s scorn for the real ideals and principles behind it:

Obama Advisor: America’s Political System Is Not ‘Worthy’ of the ‘Opportunity’ Obama’s Second Term Represents

“There’s a moment of opportunity now that’s important,” Pfeiffer said. “What’s frustrating is that we don’t have a political system or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity.”

In other words, Pfeiffer is upset because we do not have a system or opposition Party that allows for dictatorship. But then, don’t we?

Confident Obama lays out battle plan...
Vows aggressive agenda...
Defends role of strong government...
Liberated and liberal...
Stumbles on 'states' during swearing in...
'Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action'...
Warns against steep spending cuts, presses for immigration changes...
Action on 'climate change'...

Because every one of those stories is about a man who is openly declaring that he intends to ram his agenda down the nation’s throat, constitution or no. We have a dictator in the White House, as well as a traitor, and no one in the opposition Party is doing anything about it but running their mouth. File articles of impeachment today! There are at least a dozen grounds for it, and until it is done, we need to count the entire Republican Party as accomplices to this subversion and treason.

And to think there are people cheering this man and his supporters.  I’m back to asking: are you ready to discuss secession yet?

6 thoughts on “Woodrow Wilson Would Be Proud of Obama — If He Weren’t Black

  1. A person whose administration who describes, “G-d fearing, family oriented, liberty loving, respectful of country” as “home grown terrorists and extremists” in Department of Homeland security warnings and in classes to Westpoint Cadets, and officers at the “war college”.

    A person whose subordinates refuse to describe as terrorism an attack by an Army officer, US trained and paid for, Doctor, who is Muslim known to be communicating with terrorist organizations, and murders numerous Americans and soldiers in a “gun free zone”, which happens to be an American military base, while yelling “God is great” ….

    A person has his subordinates lie for weeks that an attack that murders 4 Americans in Benghazi was caused by some “unknown California video” that slanders Islam. (nothing done in Algeria as Americans are murdered there this week.)

    A person whose administration gives not 1, not 2, but 3, different stories about HOW the last “revenue bill” was “presented to”, and “signed by”, the “President”.

    100+ % of registered voters, voting in “voting precincts” with zero votes for the opposing party?

    A person who stutters over saying “states”. (Did they forget the teleprompter?)

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Will the “Democratic party” supporters ever awaken?


    Joe, they’ll hunt down, imprison, starve, or kill, every person who says they are in favor of secession.

  2. I liken Obama more so to that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Just like FDR, all of Obama’s various stimulus ideas have weakened this country, save one….the gun stimulus. The only thing that bailed out FDR’s legacy was World War II, and I am entirely not convinced Obama is manipulating world events as we speak.

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