In Case You Think The Left And Right Can “Come Together”

I understand the desire to see this nation come together like we have in the past, but then, we haven’t been this divided since the Civil War. Here is another example of the 180 degree rule to illustrate just how far apart we are today:

‘He Would Destroy Children’ & ‘Open Gas Chambers!’: Liberal Radio Host Has a Meltdown Over Rush Limbaugh

Well here’s something: Self-described “traditional Liberal Democrat” radio host Mike Malloy is not ashamed to have a total and complete meltdown on air.

“This guy, this Limbaugh, this is one of the most vile human beings ever to live! If Limbaugh had the power he would open gas chambers! If Limbaugh had the power, he would line up people up against the wall and execute them! If Limbaugh had the power, he would destroy children because he can’t have any! The only thing he sees in children as sex partners! This is a sick, evil, degenerate man!

“Why is he on the air? This is not First Amendment protected speech! This son of a bitch is evil, rotten to the core!” Malloy continued.

Now, do you think Malloy’s understands that his words are at least as ugly as anything he can point to that Limbaugh may have ever said?  Do you think Malloy cares that Limbaugh has never once suggested anything like Malloy claims Limbaugh wants to do, or that such actions are traditionally the acts of Leftist regimes (hence my invoking of the 180 degree rule)?

I wonder whether or not Malloy understands that Limbaugh likely thinks something similar about him? Or whether Malloy understands that, if Limbaugh were to think the same of him, history would be on Limbaugh’s side and not Malloy’s?

Either way, this is how the Left and the Right see each other today. Now, how do you reconcile that divide? Historically, you don’t: one side has to defeat and subjugate the other — just like the North did to the South in the Civil War.

20 thoughts on “In Case You Think The Left And Right Can “Come Together”

  1. I don’t think that radio host has ever listened to Limbaugh. I occasionally listen to Rush and find him entertaining and sometimes insightful. His message is freedom, not control ( mostly) and how this gets translated into murdering his opponents makes no sense. I don’t agree with certain issues, but I think he is a gentleman and if we had a debate, he would certainly do a better job than our present potus or this insane radio host. There is some ‘there’ there, he is not the empty suit that so many of the left revere. I think he would be an interesting guy to talk to one on one- something I cannot say about the other two incurious progs.

    • drketedc,

      Over the years, I’ve grown more and more skeptical of Limbaugh’s true motives, but I agree with you: he is mostly talking about freedom and free will. I think — from observing the exchange over two decades — that the Left hates the man as much as it does specifically because what Limbaugh “preaches” is nothing less than a cross to Dracula.

  2. “This is not First Amendment protected speech! This son of a bitch is evil, rotten to the core!” Malloy continued.” he’s referring to himself and is just too obtuse to know it. As a Believer, it can be easy to spot evil when you see or hear it… in the case of Malloy, as with Obama, evil is as evil does and as evil speaks.

    • Oh Righty, Malloy knows it. He knows it well. But as Joe, Utah, myself, and numerous others have pointed out time, and time again … Malloy doesn’t give a sh*t past his liberal agenda.

      The Free Sh*t Army shall not be denied. Ever.

  3. Is anyone else noticing? The statists seem to be angrier and more hateful.

    Their people are in power, why are they becoming angrier?

    Is it because they feel “safe enough” to to show their true thoughts and intentions?

  4. I agree that organizing and communication amongst conservatives is necessary to turn the country around, but it seems to me as though that won’t be happening through the GOP. The GOP thinks they need someone to the LEFT of Mitt Romney and John McCain if they ever hope to win another presidential election. At best they’re going to give us Chris Christie, who at least as a sense of humor. They might float a conservative as vice president, but that’s really not the same thing is it?

    Personally, I think conservatives need to think third party, at least for 2016. The GOP either needs to understand that the conservative vote doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to conservatives.

    • Aurora,

      If the GOP heads in that direction, then the GOP is dead. It will never win a major election or be a majority again. It might as well join the Democrats. At least, if there remain enough real Americans to save the nation, the R’s will be dead. If too many of us have become Europeans, then all is lost — ALL!

      • Polls still show that 38% of the registered voters are GOP and 23% are Democrat. In other words, an increasing number of us are registered undeclared/non-partisan. Hard to know the ideological break down of that block, but 40% of so say, absent party affiliation, they consider themselves to be conservatives.

        I submit that NO party can ignore 1/3 of the voting population and survive. If the GOP moves left, yes, it’s done. My take on it is that both parties misread this election. It wasn’t about Mitt Romney being too conservative. He’s actually somewhere to the left of my dyed-in-the-wool Democrat union-organizing father when he was alive. Dad would have had to squelch his more moderate conservative tendencies to vote for him. IOW, Romney was too progressive. Conservatives stayed home. I knew we were in trouble when the line at my polling station was less than 15 minutes. It took hours to vote in 2008 in this very conservative state. People just simply stayed home. And, I think they may continue to do so if the GOP doesn’t figure out that Romney was too liberal.

        That’s why I say there needs to be a strong showing for a conservative third-party in 2014. It sends a message that there’s a sea change coming and the GOP can either trim its sails in the direction of its base or it will be left behind.

    • Aurora….”I agree that organizing and communication amongst conservatives is necessary to turn the country around, but it seems to me as though that won’t be happening through the GOP. ”

      YES …. The Organizing and Communication has to be done *within States* and *Between Groups in Different States*….groups like the Tea Party….which has to become National….it can longer compete being merely local groups, that is just the Political Reality today…..Libertarian Groups need to be Joining this too.

      It may be that the GOP IS DEAD….now ! …..Conservatives ( Real Americans like Joe says Below ) probably need to act NOW as if that is the case and prepare to attack on multiple Fronts socially and Politically. Politically by Grouping togetjher and Planning NOW for (1) the 2014 Misterms and later (2) 2016 Congressional Elections AND the WH…..2016 CAN NOT be a focus only on the WH. Rand Paul, Bachmann Goehmert, Mike Lee Rubio, Ted Cruz need more Allies. It is the Expanded TP that can deliver that, through a Combimation of Education and Political activism on a Local State=wide basis…STARTING NOW…….2010 Can be done again….it needs to be in 2014 AND 2016.

      Also Conservatives should decide on 2 Genuinely Conservative Candidates and very early decide on ONE….then get behind that person EARLY to put up against the inevitable RINO..POS that will be put up by the GOP-Progressives ( the Likes of Jeb Bush etc etc)….with only ONE strongly supported Conservative candidate in the Primaries we can probably defeat another Romney Coup.

      The main thing is Strategy NOW for these goals .

      • Don,

        if you have your people in the State houses, you can lose the WH, Senate AND House and it wouldn’t matter: the States would just nullify the feds and move on. Think local — the way we were supposed to 😉

        • Yes and No….

          We have to do BOTH ….. It is a Two front war……United we stand Divided we fail…

          so Strong States supporting each other, with a PLAN on the National Front…………The Left has a Plan………Conservative “Real America” needs one too.

          • Don,

            True, but the danger there is in the fact that libertarian-minded types tend NOT to “organize” in the way you’re suggesting and, if they do, they tend to succumb tot he same tendency to go rogue as those on the Left did — before they became tyrants.

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