Obama Mixes Church and State

At least, that would have been the charge had bush invoked God in defending America against Islamic Terrorism, so why isn’t that the response to this headline?

Obama Brings God Into the Climate-Change Fight

Folks, what this story represents is another front in a multi-front campaign to create a moral imperative in the minds of the public so we will submit to the people who seek to set themselves up as a new, global elite: a self-appointed ruling class over all mankind. We should reject it. First, because it is predicated upon a lie: science has not agreed that there is a global warming, or, if there is, that it is anthropomorphic. But more important, since this man claims to be Christian, then God said the earth was given to man to subdue, to conquer. That means God commanded us to use our natural resource. Yes, we are to use them wisely, but the point is God said use them, not set them aside for some unborn generation that may never be or, if it is, may not need to use those resources.

As with everything about the Left, this is all about control: control of everything you and I do, but never of what the ruling elite want to do.

11 thoughts on “Obama Mixes Church and State

  1. This has been done before. Churches were doing a pretty good job with social ministry at the start of the 20th century, but then someone started a campaign to convince churches that the government needed to get involved. Part of the strategy was also to convince churches that their primary ministry role was taking care of the poor rather than presenting the gospel. It was successful in some mainline churches and they have never recovered their fervor for the gospel while at the same time, they do a slap-dash job at social ministry, preferring to let the government do it. The churches were it didn’t work are now often considered backward and “fundamentalist” — you know, like Southern (I mean, Great Commission) Baptists.

    • Kells,

      You hear that: Baptists resisted the Progressive take-over of Christian Churches. Ha!


      You are correct. I believe it started with men such as Father Caughlen (sp?) in the early parts of the 20th Century. They were Progressives who intentionally set out to subvert the Church. These people are still here. Obama’s got a preacher who pushes the Progressive agenda right now. I apologize, but his name eludes me at the moment, but he is a heavy-set white guy.

      • Well, Rick Warren (a Baptist who likes to pretend he’s a non-denominational) was sort of Obama’s poster child for a while, but he’s stepped back from that in the last four years. I don’t know who might be the religious mouthpiece for the Obama administration now. Warren fits the physical description, but he’s been extremely vocal about the abortion and contraception mandates — against them — so I don’t think it’s him.

        Father Coughlin, I think is the spelling. There were also a lot of laity like my distant cousin Edwin Markham. Great poet, but a progressive socialist who was all in with the undermining of the salvation gospel. I think he meant well, but he was a church-goer, not an actual Christian. His celebrity gave him a voice that Christians in general mostly rejected, but that society at large assumed was the “orthodox” view of things — that God wants us to feed the hungry but doesn’t care what we believe, which is the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches.

  2. I think it’s despicable when a person who regularly dismisses those of Faith thinks it’s good to invoke God in order to ‘prove’ they have right on their side. I admit my bias against this shyster of a community organizer, though. Why anyone thought a community organizer pop personality should be potus is insane. He just doesn’t have the gravitas nor the proper respect for the country. He and his wife spent their life rabble-rousing instead of learning and he is still in that college druggie/ sabotage the status quo before you understand it frame of mind. Plus, I don’t like people in authority who smirk. Makes me unsettled when I understand that I will never be represented, never have input- even though he barely won over 50% He has highlighted our differences and made them stronger than ever when he should have followed his hype and brought us together.

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