And They Wonder Why Their Community Is In Trouble…

This one speaks volumes:

Study: Obamas replace TV’s Huxtables as black marriage role model

Obama i an actor, just like Bill and Hillary before them. These people are not who they present themselves to be.  Whenever they are in the public eye, they are acting.  They are not real.  Nothing the Left does is real — not on the surface.  So how can anyone seriously argue that they are genuine?

I weep for this country every time I read a story like this because it represents the decay of society. We’re going backward. Where MLK, Jr. once fought to unite us according to the content of our character, Obama and his followers now seek to divide us according to the color of our skin and balance in our bank accounts.

God help us…

9 thoughts on “And They Wonder Why Their Community Is In Trouble…

  1. Maybe that’s what I am tuning into when I think they look so awkward. Bad actors. I thought it was that they were trying to keep the lies straight. And now we have to bring racism into marriage along with everything else. How do we bring back independence and striving for excellence when we are shown that it isn’t necessary any more? It seems to be seeping away too fast to catch.

  2. Actors. That hits the nail on the head.

    Are their supporters hypnotized? Is that why the cadence and volume of all his speeches are delivered in the same way ….

    • Actually, the tone and cadence of his speeches is intentional. It can be used to help induce a form of mass hypnotism. I believe I’ve read Obama actually studied Hitler for this very reason.

      This also explains why Obama’s speeches don’t win over some people: because this form of hypnotism has been shown to be effective only on the weak mind. Those with stronger analytical skills seem to be more immune to it.

      (Yes, you can find this is the journals of American psychology. Go look for it 🙂 )

      • Seriously, I’ve never been able to listen to an entire O speech. I’ve seriously tried.

        It’s like my brain is saying “danger, danger” don’t listen anymore.

  3. “The Obama’s have been idolized for the style and politics by supporters, but this is the first time their “love” and marriage have been called a model for Americans. “The Obamas are the strongest and most visible example of black love and happy marriage in the USA,” said the study.”

    As opposed to any other color, or combination of color? Did I just seriously read that in this article? No wonder CCF hyperventilates about the education system in Louisiana … wait, he could be part of the problem too?

    Oh, whatever. Kells is right. Retarded article, and even more retarded study. How much you wanna bet we paid for it too?

  4. Seems everyone has forgotten about O’s late nite Limo rides with the toy Boyz … oh well …. what’s a cult for if not to institutionalize national amnesia.

    America’s New Reality Lobotomy show…. *The Obamaz-Fraud -Cubed*…..Fraudulent Careers … Fraudulent Educational achievements … Fraudulent Relationships…..what’s not to Luv ( a 26 share at least.)

  5. Sorry, the Republic is sinking faster than a puppy with a cement block wired to it’s neck. I’m afraid you’ve reached the point of no return. Liars like Hillary are lauded and will reap even more millions while Leon Panetta assures your nation becomes a negative population growth wasteland by sending the fertile wombs of the nation into harm’s way, virtually guaranteeing the death of whole generations.

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