Atlas Shrugged in the Headlines

I have started re-reading Atlas Shrugged, and in the second chapter, one of the people in the peripheries of Rearden’s world condescendingly remarks that no one is that important in the grand scheme of things. The implication is that the collective is more important and that one person cannot make a difference. It is a central theme of all collectivist thought. Unfortunately for the collectivists, reality has a funny way of laughing at their foolishness, as exhibited by the headlines on Drudge today:

Apple Earnings Disappoint…

Stock Plunge

‘Broken Company’

Rearden, Jobbs: it doesn’t matter.  The reality is that the Left is wrong.  The individual does matter and the collective depends upon him or her and not the other way around.  This is why collectivism/socialism has never worked in all of human history, and why it never will.  And the fact that some people simply cannot get this through their heads is proof of their arrogance and narcissism.

9 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged in the Headlines

  1. Actually, the “elites” who enslave the masses live quite nicely, like the monarchs and oligarchies of history.

    The masses lose all as they are enslaved.

  2. What can I say? Apple is such a pitiful disappointment. They just can’t seem to build things fast enough, leading to lines in stores, shortages and riots in the streets. Obviously, the government should take them over and show them the way it should be done, like they did to Government Motors.

  3. Heh. Every political theory other than that envisioned by our founders are essentially re-labeled feudalism.

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