Clinton’s Testimony: Some Tough but Important Observations

When I noticed this story on Drudge:

Clinton appears before Congress over Benghazi attack

I dismissed it as theatrics intended to deflect attention away from Clinton’s complicity in this scandal, and to shut down the line of questioning and prevent a possible breach of her cover story. Why do I believe this? Well, as difficult as it may be for many to accept, Hillary and Bill Clinton are both well proven liars who cry at the drop of a hat. They have no credibility and, therefore, shouldn’t be afforded the benefit of the doubt. In fact, we should just assume either of these two are guilty and proceed from that point because they have repeatedly shown this is too often the case.

Then there are these stories, in which the families say Hillary was cold when she greeted them (which puts the lie to today’s theatrics):

Video: Grief-Stricken Mother of Benghazi Victim Rips White House Over ‘Outright Lies’

And this story testifies to why these hearings are important:

New Reports Say That Calls For Help During Benghazi Attack Were Ignored

These hearings are important because we have traitors in the White House and Obama Administration. Benghazi was and is about gun running — by the Obama Administration — to Al Qaeda, our war-time enemy. That is treason, and not according to me, but according tot he U.S. Constitution. What’s more, the proof is already in the public record, as I have previously documented here on the RNL.

That’s why all this is important — and why we should assume Hillary is lying again.


[Note: if the media were not an active part of this regime, they would have driven Obama from office over this — just like they tried to do to Reagan over Iran/Contra.  the difference here is that the evidence to impeach and convict is already in the Congressional record, as well as the news records of CBS News.]

4 thoughts on “Clinton’s Testimony: Some Tough but Important Observations

  1. Completely concur!

    However, I have another observation from watching the live coverage… yes I was bored, she was NOT wearing a wedding ring!


  2. Hillary deserves an Academy Award nomination for her performance in front of the liberal loving Senate. She, at the flip of a switch, played both the damsel in distress, and cornered, lashing-out victim of abuse … equally as well. Highlight of the day, Paul calling her out on her bullshit.

    I learned nothing from it. Maybe the House hearings later today will shed more light.

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