Collective (Not Collectivist) Thoughts

I was surfing last night and after seeing this at Drudge about Beyonce’s $1.8 million dollar earrings and trying to reconcile the wealth on the inaugural dais with the radical “progressive” agenda laid out by Obama, it got me to thinking about some posts that I had written in the past – first from November of 2011 – “The Paradox of The Wealthy “Progressive“:

If life is truly unfair, and it is truly the fault of the “rich” (which includes the “progressive” rich”), why are there still rich “progressives” walking around? If they truly believe what they are saying, would only increasing taxation on the rich be sufficient? To be true to their words, would they not have to give away everything they have until they have no more than the average #OWSer in Zuccotti Park?

There really aren’t too many options to reconcile this discontinuity. The “progressive” rich:

  • They think that increased taxation can be used as a bribe to the lower class to forestall losing everything to a true communist state – they believe that the  masses are stupid enough to be pacified.
  • They are truly ignorant of human nature and history – or maybe just ignorant of what collectivism really means in practice.
  • They rose to riches without yielding physical value – though inheritance, growing rich fast through some brilliant paradigm shifting idea (google, FaceBook) or possessing a special talent currently valued by society – such as rap music*, acting or sports. One can argue that all these have value but if we removed them from existence, would there be a lasting impact on the creation of food, clothing or shelter – no. That is my yardstick for lasting societal value.
  • They believe that they will be protected in this new Utopia and will still be on top.
  • Are liars and believe nothing they say and are only motivated by a sense of elitism and selfish pride – they want to be seen as our “betters” or being more “noble” than other citizens. Hypocrites.

* Although how being a greedy misogynist could be seen as a positive for society – as an example, you may view what is glorified by Kanye West and Jay-Z here – I refuse to post the video. You might remember Jay-Z as Beyonce’s hubby and recently in the news for professing solidarity for the #OWS folks, thenselling T-shirts inspired by them and keeping the profits for himself – sounds pretty capitalist to me…

Many might say that they are just motivated by a concern for their fellow man and that they just want to see equality but I simply cannot square that logically since they do not self-transfer all their wealth to the lower class, rather they lobby for taxes on others who do not share their beliefs.

Then here: “The Willie Sutton ‘Progressives’“:

That is the case with the debate today. The problem for statists is not that our systems aren’t progressive enough; it is that they are not yielding enough revenue to continue the spending desires of our government and our political class. The declining economy has led to fewer taxpayers, lower salaries and business activity to tax. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor participation rate has dropped to the lowest level in 10 years as people drop out of the workforce.

Less people working = less taxes paid = less revenue in government coffers.

Combine this formula with the statist belief that government spending has primacy over everything and it can never be cut (or reduced) and we find ourselves in a debate over “fairness” in the most skewed tax system in the the industrialized world.

Obama and the other “progressives” share a common ideological progenitor – the prolific bank robber from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50′s – Willie Sutton. In a biography, Sutton is recorded as bing asked why he focused on robbing so many banks over his 40 year criminal career. Legend has it that his somewhat sardonic reply was:

Because that is where the money is.

He didn’t say “duh” or “that is where the money is, dumbass” but that is implied…

This is why you hear so much about “paying their fair share” in conjunction with rhetoric about corporations and “the rich” and it isn’t about “fair share”.

That’s where the money is.

It is that these classes in America still have money and the “progressives” in government want it…more than want it – they think that it is a debt for them to collect, a sum that is owed to them.

The current mantra repeated by Obama isn’t being repeated because the systems for taxation in America are unfair. It is because he still wants the take the trip and he needs you to pay for it.

It is going to be a long 4 years.


3 thoughts on “Collective (Not Collectivist) Thoughts

  1. Yep, that’s why we see so many of these uber-wealthy liberal Hollywood actors and directors, entertainers, and sports stars sharing their wealth instead of buying Bentleys and Maybachs.

  2. I am constantly befuddled by statists.

    They are all evil, or stupid.

    What I truly don’t understand is the complete disconnect by people I know aren’t evil, are exceptionally bright in their chosen area of expertise.

    They accept the emotional claims of and for all of the statists arguments.

    Point out the failures of all the statist’s programs and you are attacked personally.

    The evil ones? They are frauds.

    Point out the lies and frauds to the supporters, and the supporters reactively launch into the cult like list of lies.

    I can’t fathom the complete disconnect between everyday life, and the governmental policies being supported because “their guy” is in control.

    They would never condone similar actions from family, friends, or co-workers. But govt and politicians? Absolutely.

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