Drive-By Posting: Somebody Please Charge Hillary with Perjury

In her testimony today, Hillary Clinton testified that she never blamed the Benghazi attack on that infamous video.  If she was sworn in, this was perjury.  If she was not, this is an attempt to mislead/interfere with a Congressional investigation.  I may be wrong, but I believe BOTH carry criminal penalties.  Now, if there is ANY semblance of the rule of law left in Washington — either in the R’s or D’s — then this is the best opportunity these people will have to show it.  here is a slam-dunk case with publicly televised proof of guilt served up on a silver platter.  Just charge her and try her.  If they don’t, then this is actually evidence that there is only 1 Party pretending to be two, and ALL of this has been nothing more than theater designed to keep the rabble from rising up before everything is in place to slam the gates on us.

Edit note: Joe, not to steal your thunder, or take over your post. I am just adding the video proof because I feel if I don’t, some self-aggrandizing liberal will be along to make a flippant comment about your post. – Augger

5 thoughts on “Drive-By Posting: Somebody Please Charge Hillary with Perjury

  1. Please don’t hold your breath until this is done Mr. Bakanovic, you will die. This is nothing but a show. Yes, I have brought a ticket to watch it. The money for the ticket is being removed from my pay check every week. I hate this dam show, it’s not even rated, and I can’t turn it off. You would think people would get tired of watching all the re-runs, but no, they just keep on watching the same stupid stuff. Well, soon the real non-fiction will start. It will involve those who resist the govedrnment. You play the slavery part , or we will make sure you do. By the way, you will get no more wel-fare, or social security. There will be a soup line with the same soup everyday you’re alive. Hope you like the taste of the soup?

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