The Arrogance of Elitism and Tyranny on Display

Here’s the story:

Listen to This Veteran’s Epic Defense of Second Amendment at Chicago Anti-Gun Forum: ‘I Went to War for My Country’

And the video:

Pay close attention to the government types in this clip — especially their facial expressions and body language. Also, note the way the one government official tries to argue that the Constitutional principles have to be interpreted according to “modern understandings” and not according to original intent.  You are watching progressives coming out of the closet and openly demonstrating who they are and how they think.  You are also watching the epitome of arrogance, elitism and the makings of tyranny in these peoples’ words, faces and bodily stances.


[Note: the real irony here is that these liberal tyrants are advocating disarmament in a region of the country where their policies are in place and have led to one of the most violent societies in this country.  In other words, they are speaking from a proving grounds that has utterly and totally discredited their failed ideas.  What’s more, they are so “smart,” they don’t even understand this.  But then, I believe they do understand, they just don’t care.  To them, their ultimate objective is a greater good that warrants the sacrifice of a few broken eggs.]

4 thoughts on “The Arrogance of Elitism and Tyranny on Display

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