Fundamentally Change America? Mission Accomplished!

A News Flash from your resident “Debby Downer:”

You are not fighting to save anything.  Our culture has already been lost.  Now you are fighting to get it back. Here, just in case you doubt me, do you remember this? (start at the 40 second mark):

Now consider this:


Now tell me Obama and his wife (and all their allies) have not accomplished their objectives.  But I’ll go you one better.  Take another look at that picture and tell me who the Left really is as compared to who they claim to be.


[Note: if you understand how to speak “Progressive,” then Michelle’s words are very telling.  Did you notice how she gushed over children who are “un-burdened” with our wrongs of the past?  You need to understand what she is really excited about.  She is excited because she sees blank slates waiting to be “programmed” through liberal education (i.e. indoctrination) because she knows that, once programmed, these children will forever be hers.  Just look how difficult it is to get the Leftist drones on the RNL to recognize objective reality.  Now imagine how difficult it is going to be to salvage society when there are more of them than us, and it becomes acceptable to “destroy” us because we are hateful, racist, bigoted homophobes who want to destroy society.  We have a very difficult task ahead of us, and we will not do it unless we take the same path our founders took.  Now, do you know what that path was?]

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