Hillary Lied to America to Cover-Up Corruption, Subversion and Treason in the Obama Administration

I was listening to Glenn Beck today, and he was reciting something he was told by one of his many confidential informants within our government, military and intelligence communities. Apparently, this informant told Beck that Hillary Clinton showed obvious signs of having been coached in counter-interrogation techniques. This would also explain why she was held out of the public domain for so long – supposedly for “medical reasons.” You might want to do a little reading on this subject:

counter interrogation techniques

In short, it is all about delay, divert and then seize control away from the interrogator. This is why she avoided answering direct questions, feigned emotional responses and faked her anger: she was trying to delay, divert and seize control. It was all a rehearsed act, which leads us to this:

‘Flat-Out Bullsh*t’: Limbaugh Weighs in on Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony

Hillary should be charged with perjury and/or obstructing Congress, but she won’t be – and that means Republicans are either more incompetent than we’re led to believe Democrats are, or they’re in on the game. And that leads me to ask this question:


5 thoughts on “Hillary Lied to America to Cover-Up Corruption, Subversion and Treason in the Obama Administration

  1. “We now face a spreading jihadist threat. We have to recognize this is a global movement.”
    – Hillary Clinton, testimony given to Congressional Inquiry

    Well, well, well. What do we have here? Did an emotional Hillary experience a Freudian-slip? Or has the Obama administration, after years of repeatedly denying a jihadist movement, decided to skewer Ms. Clinton as she heads out of the Team Obama door?

    Either way, I am a happy man today. After years of politically correct obfuscation, Team Obama has just suffered a blow to their redistribution of our language, and now should be held accountable for ignoring the obvious …. politically correct terms and phrases weaken us, not strengthen us.

    I just wonder where our previously active posting radical Islam sympathizers who used to regale us with their brand of obfuscation have disappeared to?

    Likely over at McPherson’s blog site, which is a safe haven for those who wish not to eat their crow.

      • “Tell Me you don’t Miss them……I don’t.”

        I miss em about as much as a zit on the behind. Doesn’t mean I do not enjoy watching them pick the feathers out of their teeth.

  2. Of course she was coached and uber prepared — she’s stalled for months for that purpose. And who wouldn’t expect a Clinton to lie… but, too quote Her Royal Elitist, “what difference does it make”. She’s on the road to preparing to be our new Queen.

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