REAL Journalism: A Follow-Up To A Previous Story

You will not see this in the cabal of collectivist propagandists that present themselves as our “main-stream media.” Here is the follow-up to the story I posted earlier:

‘[Tyranny Is] Not a Wolf That Dies’: Our Exclusive Interview With the Air Force Vet Behind That Viral 2nd Amendment Defense

This is real journalism: not because I may agree with this vet, but because the reporter and editor are pursuing the story in a fair and honest manner.  That’s it: nothing but the who, how, what, where, when and why.  No editorializing.  And anyone who thinks they perceive a bias in this story is likely suffering from the Leftist/Progressive attempts to make you think that objective reality is nothing more than a personal opinion.

See how far we’ve fallen, how far backward our society has slid from what we once were?

9 thoughts on “REAL Journalism: A Follow-Up To A Previous Story

  1. “You’re an American, there’s no reason to hold your voice. We need to stand up, be proud to be Americans, be proud of our heritage, be proud of our flag, proud of our Constitution, and proud of the accomplishments of our country and [individuals]. Speak up, because nobody else is going to. If we’re a nation with a single voice, the world hears us.”

    Um, I must confess to having a serious crush on Kevin Tully.

      • OPEN QUESTION…..

        Speaking of Guns … as Joe was with Kells.. ;- )),

        Does anybody Know or have any links to the question of just what Caliber was ACTUALLY used at Sandy Hook ?….I’ve seen various references to the BushMaster being in the Mom’s car, thus never being taken into the school….and Pistols Only being found by the “shooter” ( which I refuse to name !! ).

          • So why isn’t this out there more I wonder ??…..I mean the Pro-2nd amendment sites. I wonder if it’s because the definitive data is being withheld in some way……..Maybe Augger has dug up something ?

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