The Definition of “Progress” in Current Politics

Here is a story that provides the perfect example of how Progressives work. if you ever have the opportunity to corner a liberal/progressive friend, ask them to explain why their “side” always starts small, with something they can argue is “reasonable,” but they always take it to the extreme of controlling and/or outlawing it:

Ore. Rep. Moves to Make Cigarettes Prescription-Only, Threatens One Year in Jail and/or $6K+ Fine

“Rep. Mitch Greenlick, from Portland, is sponsoring a bill that makes cigarettes a Schedule III controlled substance, meaning it would be illegal to possess or distribute cigarettes without a doctor’s prescription,” Fox 12 Oregon reports.

It all started with warnings on cigaret packs, then they got a little progress by banning smoking in government buildings, a little more progress kicked smoking out of all buildings, and, little-by-little, they get to the point where they just want to ban something without ever bothering to make it illegal.

Then ask your friend: if their ideas are so great and so good for us, why do they always have to go after them by hook and by crook? Why can’t they just be honest with us?

The truth is, it’s not about doing anything to help people: it’s about controling them.

9 thoughts on “The Definition of “Progress” in Current Politics

  1. When will patriots finally awaken and say,

    “NO MORE !” ?

    Ban firearms, ban cigarettes, ban coal, ban opposing thought, what next? Ban Life?

    • Ban life? they are already working on that. Some of Obama’s friends have already argued that parents should be allowed to kill their children up to the age of 3 years old. And one of the architects of Obamacare advocates letting the young and elderly die for want of medical care because they have less value to society.

      If that’s not the start to banning life — at least, unapproved life — I don’t know what is.

      I tell you, we are 3/4ths the way down Hitler’s road to the 4th Reich.

  2. Just what kind of doctor would ‘prescribe’ cigarettes? Proof that ‘prescriptions’ for anything are about control, not health. This is insane. It really makes me want to take up smoking.

  3. And how about pipes? I want to smoke a pipe on my 60th Birthday, just to see what it’s like. I had better move that up before tobacco is illegal.

  4. I have no use for cigarettes. Smoking is bad for you and you shouldn’t smoke.

    Smoking around me is bad for me and you shouldn’t smoke around me. I think you should not smoke around non-smokers VOLUNTARILY. I think most smokers these days realize that. Sadly, they resisted the social efforts of non-smokers to clear the indoor environment for so long that some non-smokers felt they needed a legal remedy to be able to take a clear breath indoors.

    So while I don’t think there should be laws, I do understand why some people felt they had to go that route. If smokers had only accepted that their noxious habit should be moved outdoors voluntarily, there’d probably be no laws.

    What I’d like to see is a pilot project somewhere lifting the laws. I suspect most smokers or their employers or the restaurant owners would choose to keep the smoking outdoors and everybody could coexist VOLUNTARILY.

    I think we could have gotten there without the laws.

    • Aurora,

      So you think you have the right to tell bar owners they can’t allow smoking because people shouldn’t smoke around you? Why don’t you just exercise your right not to be around them and stay away?

      I don’t smoke. I am allergic to the smoke, myself. So I understand. But I also understand the study used to push this second-hand smoke campaign was bogus. If we are going to use it as gospel, then we need to ban milk and peanut butter — as the same study showed much higher correlations numbers between those two items and cancer (they never tell you that).

      And then there’s the matter of all the additives the govt. has forced the manufacturers to put into the cigarets. Frankly, if we studied them instead of the tobacco, I suspect you’ll find they are the cause for most the harm as some of the filter glues and fire retardants are are known poisons.

      • No, you misunderstand me!

        I do not think anyone has the right to tell a private business owner or individual citizen that it is against the law for them to allow smoking in their establishments.

        I highlighted VOLUNTARILY. What I am saying is that the smokers brought the laws on themselves by being unwilling to recognize that others should not have to put up with their noxious habits.

        Liberty requires responsibility and when some portions of the population (especially a minority) asserts a right to a behavior that adversely affects other portions of the population, they need to take responsibility for their behavior.

        Thus, as a wood burner, I burn dry seasoned wood so as not to smoke my neighbors out. They shouldn’t have the right to make laws to prevent me from burning wood to heat my home, but if I’m burning green wood (a noxious pollutant) then I provide them with an excuse to make laws controlling my behavior. I have a responsibility to use my liberty wisely.

        • Aurora,

          OK, got you. But understand, smoking was once a socially excepted norm and the reason we turned against it was largely the same as why women smoke more then men do now: the government got involved in forming public opinion.

          Google Bernays, women’s rights and smoking and see what comes up. The anti-smoking kick is largely due to a government push in the opposite direction.

          However, there is Limbaugh’s take on the smoking issue. they should be given medals! Were it not for them, we would all have to come up with a LOT more taxes to feed the govt. beast 😉

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