The Reality

Due to this Depression, er, Recession, we must now wear our rose-coloured glasses and pretend that it doesn’t exist. I’m getting the giggles now because I’m thinking of a comment my son made in school today (yes, he’s a wicked wit.) Here’s how it went down:

Math teacher: In 1976 gas was $1.30 per gallon; it is now $3.58 per gallon. What is the difference?

Pie Face: (in song, with perfect pitch, nonetheless, adlibs) Obama, Obama…

Apparently, all of the other children were very amused by his shenanigans. (He did take a stand-up comedian class with B.)  I was highly disappointed in the C+ grade from B.….(Do you folks now understand my disdain for B.??!!!)

If one is to truly contemplate it, though, the truth is neither funny nor amusing. Reality and numbers are a bitch……….. on her period.

Personally, my husband and I now lose an additional $700. a month. I told Mr. Kells that I would dive back in to the workforce to make up for this. The biggest rub? Experience. I should very much like to be a chef, but I have been turned down for “lack of experience”. It is sickening to me that I must go to a fast-food joint in order that I become “experienced” in cooking. WTF??? My friends should like me to teach voice. Been there, done that; that’s its own story…

So, do y’all want me to hold the pickles and the lettuce? I want you to have it your way!

Honestly, I should probably take the approach of the RNL boys.

Uh-huh. Now you know why they are wealthy…….

4 thoughts on “The Reality

  1. Left overs are my favorite. Food always taste better after it is seasoned in the fridge overnight. Spaghetti & Meatballs, I’m a real connoisseur. My wife just call me easy.

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