Americans serious about self defense

Lets see, it is January 25, 2012 at 9 pm Central time.

Thunder Ranch, Inc. is owned and operated by Clint Smith, a Vietnam Veteran, retired law enforcement officer, former Gunsite instructor, etc.  I checked Thunder Ranch, Inc., an established and internationally respected firearms training facility for military, law enforcement, and law abiding civilians.

This is the message posted on Thunder Ranch, Inc.’s  website :

As of 30 minutes ago all the 2013 Thunder Ranch courses are full. Thank you! If you are interested in a standby slot please email Shirley at the She is off the phone for the weekend…an order by Heidi. She will return emails and phone calls on Monday, unless its an emergency Tx class or lodging issue. As a reminder this is the last year for Thunder Ranch Texas. The good news is that Clint and Heidi will be teaching year round in Oregon! Heidi has been getting tons of emails requesting the 2014 Texas schedule so she wanted me to post the reminder. They will be putting up the 2014 Oregon schedule shortly. – “Stay Behind Frank”


2 thoughts on “Americans serious about self defense

  1. That’s SAD for Texas though !! …. wonder what would make them move to a Blue state?

    Are there alternatives here ??

    • Yes Don,
      There are alternatives here in Texas. With the “war on terror”, there is a large group of well trained retirees teaching law enforcement and Concealed Handgun Licensees in Texas. Check out the Texas State Rifle Association.

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