Come and Take It — Over My Dead Body

ComeandTakeIt cannon gonzales drawing

I saw RNL reader Trappedinca’s comment about the phrase Molon labe in the comments section of one of my other posts and had to look it up.  That’s when I realized it is another version of the same revolutionary spirit embodied in our founders’ battle cry, come and take it!  Then I realized the issue of gun control might be the issue Obama and his handlers have been trying to find for a long time.  I have written before that I believe the Left is trying to create a violent backlash from the Right to justify their use of force to finally repress and subjugate all of society.  The key to their plan is finding (or manufacturing) a situation that will not only allow them some justification to use violence against American citizens, but finding such a situation that will cause many people to actually call for government action against their fellow citizens.  This is the same pattern Lenin, Woodrow Wilson, Hitler, Mussolini, FDR and Castro all used to implement their policies of repression.  So it should be no surprise that Obama and his handlers are trying to manufacture such a situation again.  It’s just that, in this day of modern media, they have to be more careful about how they do it.  The appearances have to be just right or they risk turning the people against them rather than those us us who are still clinging to our God, guns and gold (i.e. rights and freedom).

But there’s more.  As a nation, we are more divided than we have been since the Civil War.  And just to show things never really change, that divide seems to be largely along the same lines as it was back then: the right of the liberal North to tell the Libertarian South what to do and how to live.  It is along this line that Obama and the Left has been working to drive their wedges.  We can see it in the recent polling data:

Divide between the socialism/liberty supporters is greater than ever before


The divide between support for the free market and socialism is growing


For those of us who stand on the side of individual rights and liberty, these polls should be alarming, especially when viewed in conjunction with the last two:

Number of Americans favoring one-party rule is growing


Democrat-leaning voters growing, Republicans declining


Now, if you are one of those who have been skeptical of my assertions that this nation is heading in the direction of open tyranny, I ask you: can you not see the indicators in these polls?  You have more people supporting socialism than the free market; more people supporting one-party rule; and a growing number of those people siding with the socialist-leaning Democrats.  Add to this to the growing divide between those who still cling to the notion of individual rights and liberty, mix in the deliberate and calculated attacks on property rights, gun rights and religious rights – all calculated to inflame the Right to the point of violent reaction – and you have everything you need but that Waco moment.  And when it comes, are you really going to trust the media and government when they explain what happened and why they had to imprison/kill all of those involved?

If you still don’t see what I see, all I can tell you is that you can now explain to the rest of us who never understood how the Germans embraced Hitler.

25 thoughts on “Come and Take It — Over My Dead Body

  1. What is so odd about the disparity is that both parties are the same in practice. The disparity comes only from rooting for a favorite team as opposed to another team that plays the same game, makes the same plays, and handles the ball in very much the same manner.

  2. The dems base is indoctrinated and won’t be changing their minds.

    The republicans are losing people who identify with them because their supporters are realizing so many republicans are progressives too. RINO’s.
    Republican In Name Only.

    The rise of the “tea party,” who Boehner refuses to acknowledge or embrace, is due to the republican party progressives running the show. The progressives know what they do. Divide and conquer. Destroy from within.

    The republican party is dieing on the vine, and there are no signs the current leadership will awaken. They ignore their base at their peril. Their base is not made of lemmings.

    The NRA still has a 54% favor ability rating after weeks long barrage of lies by the lieing old media.

    There are still more freedom centered Americans than not.

    The Republicans (as a group) have forgotten their base, their core, their values.

    So the historically “conservative” base no longer identifies themselves with them as they have awakened to the lies.

    The Republicans have 1 chance at redemption.

    Part 1: prevent any new gun control
    (which will cause Americans to give them a second “look “.
    Part 2: shut down the govt until a balanced budget is reached (with lower taxes).

    • Texza …. I think you are correct …. we need to ADD those of us who have left the Republican Party but STILL identify as Conservatives to that 40 %……some Libertarians might be included there as well, what do you think ?

      • There are somewhere between 8 and at least 12 million Independent voters who are fluid in addition to a profound change in voter affiliation with one change in the Republican platform – Foreign Policy. Republican young people, whatever else they believe, will not vote for hawkish foreign policy. That is the element on the Democrat platform that attracts young people the most. The majority of the offspring of Republicans are not looking for handouts, but they certainly will not vote for their own demise or senseless wars, so they vote for eugenics for their elderly parents, confiscation of their parents IRAs, and abortion of their parent’s grandchildren as a byproduct, not as a main initiative. Are you all too young to remember the youth protests over the Vietnam War? I had a really good friend killed in that war because the student deferments from my university were not sent out in time. I will never be for anything other than defensive military measures. It is one thing to defend our country and quite another to attack other countries. That is a Globalist initiative not anything that provides the ordinary American citizen with greater respect. Young people see that immediately.

        • AW,

          Are you aware that the “hawkishness” of the Republican Party, as well as its embrace of large corporations are both progressive influence?

          I am asking, not attacking or anything like that, so I do not want to be misunderstood as asking a hostile question. OK? 🙂

          • Your comment begs the point that Republicans need to push for responsible Foreign Policy. While it may be the case that Communism/Socialism pushes a hawkish Foreign Policy, it isn’t necessarily correct that nation building is Communist inspired. People tend to want power and control. I believe that many Republican Americans want our country to have world-wide control – to be the “big kid” on the block. They do not seem to even care if we are labeled a bully in the process. We are pursuing the same game that horrified us about Russia for so many years. That pushing for nation building is a Communist objective is possible, but we have way too many willing participants who do not believe they are Socialists. The nation building falls on too fertile ground to be ignored. This is a reason to make Republicans responsible for their actions. We cannot just cry that the Communists made us do it. In the meantime, the Democrats, Republican offspring included, will still be trying to confiscate IRAs, promote eugenics for the elderly, and kill unborn babies in unintended retaliation to Republican Foreign Policy.

            • AW,

              Respectfully (honest), I think you are missing my point. Here, let me put it this way:

              Why don’t you try to infiltrate and change the DEMOCRATS from within? Seriously, let’s all go do that. If you disagree, tell me why.

              Then tell me if you see my point about the Republicans 😉

  3. 300+ million weapons owned by 100+ million persons …

    Absolutely no practical way this administration (or any other) can come to that many homes and expect to seize these weapons.

    • Augger,

      they don’t have to. All they have to do is make it wildly unpopular to own a weapon and a large part of society will do the work for them. Seriously, how do you think they convinced Jews to peacefully get on the trains when the Jews knew where those trains were going? Remember, the people we’re dealing with have used our money to study human behavior and how best to apply that knowledge against us so they can more efficiently control us. Do you really think they will not use that ability against us — especially in this case? 🙂

      • “how do you think they convinced Jews to peacefully get on the trains when the Jews knew where those trains were going?”

        The very way my grandfather and grandmother from Heidelberg described it … at the end of a barrel. They are German {both deceased now), and were under no illusions about the Nazis.

        “Remember, the people we’re dealing with have used our money to study human behavior and how best to apply that knowledge against us so they can more efficiently control us.”

        No objections to this. They have to do it this way. At the end of a barrel will never work this time.

        • Augger,
          I grew up with my grandfather, who didn’t fight in WWII because he had a bad heart. He explained from the time I can remember, what happened in Germany could never happen here because of the 2nd Amendment.

          Looks like “our country” may have to “test” the Constitution in our lifetime.

          I sure as hell hope not. 😦

      • First off the Jews climbed aboard the trains because they were lied to in regards to their destination a big difference from manipulated or brainwashed. Second, this country was founded with a small band of settlers carrying small arms and has always encouraged that mentality. Good luck trying to get 100’s of years of that en-grained thought process to lose to do an “About-face”. Lastly, the US is the second largest military force on the planet (in regards to strength in numbers China being the 1st) and surely many veterans who enlisted because they are Patriots (not because they needed college tuition) ARE of multi generational enlistment and there is not a snowballs chance in hell any of them will relinquish their firearms regardless of what popular societal thought comes down the pike.

      • At present there is absolutely no way to tell how many weapons from hand guns to rifles are in the US and I stress RIFLE and there is no such thing as an “assault weapon” simply a Bureaucratic/Media made up term to segregate a long arm rifle into a BS classification. I digress, back to the topic and case in point Connecticut alone has now blown that possibility out of the water having enacted an assault weapons ban and registry where a mere 10-15% actually complied. Ct alone now has a massive supply of two things… Criminals and black market rifles because the owners who did not register technically cannot sell them legally. Part 2 of that is this, the owners know it and considering that is the case “Don’t Care” and are sick of the Heavy Thumb of govt trying to squash them down.

  4. The estimates I’ve read are 175 million owners with nearly 300 million guns….

    A little better than 50% of the population. Hence the NRA favorability rating of 54%.

  5. Joe, infiltration of the enemy camp is an age old method of the progreesives movement to destroy their opposition. One just has to read the actions of the progressive movement during the French Revolution. Use the poor, disenfranchised and zealots to rise up against the monarchy. Sound familiar. Obama will use them to destroy the Republic. Wow how history repeats itself and our educational system makes sure its not taught.

    • agreed, and regarding education in America, it is a joke! I have first hand seen in more than one district the “passing – pushing through the system of kids in the 5th grade+ that still cannot read never mind speak fluent English!
      Having myself grown up in the 70’s Chhelo, and of course still seeing today exactly what you mentioned how things of importance are NOT taught to our youth from before the better part of me wound up a stain on a mattress… they sure as hell made me run around like a banshee in Gym class for no reason when I could have been being taught shit that mattered.

  6. There are times I really love my fellow Americans. Their independence, sass and determination to live life their way warms the heart. My grandfather told me that lots of the folks who ended up in America were the ones that didn’t get on well in the old country, the ones who would not bow down. The people who don’t care how hard it is, who don’t care what others think, the ones who are going to follow their own drummer or die trying.

    Just remember, every time you see the words Molon Labe you are seeing the amazing strength of another American who will not go along, who will not go quietly, who will still not bow down anymore than their ancestors.

    • trapped,
      I have friends who are legal immigrants, literally from all over the world. China, India, Canada, USSR/easter Europe, Africa, Korea, South Pacific, etc.. I could go on. I am blessed to know so many new Americans.

      These immigrants filled out the paperwork and waited patiently to immigrate legally. Some were shunned by their friends and neighbors. . .

      Came here with nothing. Went to work. Became citizens. Made families. Became respected and successful.

      They aren’t going back to their oppressive regimes to start all over once again.

      When push comes to shove? The legal immigrants will be the most vociferous patriots we have. The illegal immigrants? Most of them will run south, back home. The muslim illegals? Who knows.

  7. Texas
    I owned a Biz for many years and when folks would ask me for advice I would tell them—try to pace yourself with an immigrant because they will run faster and work harder than anyone born here. They’ve seen horrors you and I can’t even imagine and survived tragedies that would break us in half.

    I agree with you completely.

    • One dear friend from China, experienced personally, something truly harrowing. Never shared what it was, but when I asked, “Communism is bad, isn’t it?” The look in the eye, body language, and response of “really bad” sent chills down my spine.

      • @ Joe: “Respectfully (honest), I think you are missing my point. Here, let me put it this way: Why don’t you try to infiltrate and change the DEMOCRATS from within? Seriously, let’s all go do that. If you disagree, tell me why. Then tell me if you see my point about the Republicans.”

        Think I missed your response: To infiltrate, we must provide an appeal, so where’s the appeal? What are we going to give the Democrats to move them into a different paradigm? When you think about it, changing Republican Foreign Policy does infiltrate the Democrats. You want a separate party, but the voters must come from somewhere, so we get back to the same problem of platform. While I agree with you that we are headed toward confrontation, we are better off with peaceful confrontation, and I believe we can still pull that off. Armed confrontation was Lincoln’s mistake.

        By the way, although this guy’s prophecies never prove out, he provides an elegant invasion theory for us to peruse. This map reminded me of our World War II strategy in Germany. Bomb all supplies, including supply trains. Bomb all pharmaceuticals so every injured German soldier is permanently out of commission. Starve the Germans, and ravage them with disease until they surrender.

        In the accompanying map scenario, the invasion moves up through Mexico, our vegetable basket. It takes out our fruit baskets in Florida and Texas. Then the invasion moves up through our bread basket, reaching as far as upper Kansas, seeking to starve Americans. It also takes out energy resources in Alaska. This map points out the problem of protecting our largest cities with the Iron Dome for defense as Rand Paul suggests without looking at the ramifications. An Iron Dome is part of the Israeli defense system.) Our greatest vulnerability is our southern border. Using Mexico as a buffer has about the same effectiveness as thwarting a warm knife with butter. With an invasion of this type, food shortages would be produced in our cities, prompting more fighting in our cities than on the front. I believe we need to implement the Iron Dome strategically instead of blanket protection of our largest cities. Protect all industries that are absolutely necessary to the war effort, from cement plants for constructing bases and runways to steel mills and offshore oil refineries. I believe we could lose more citizens to starvation than bombs and bullets.

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