FBI Director “Not Sure if Obama can Assassinate Americans on U.S. Soil!” Shep Smith and the Judge Hit a Homer


Now, do you still doubt that Obama believes he has the powers listed here — because he “gave” them to himself?


You say Obama has to do that to keep us safe from Terrorism?  Oh yeah?  Well:


And you said “It can never happen here, this is America.”  Are you sure?  Personally, I think this is more like it:


You want to talk secession yet?

17 thoughts on “FBI Director “Not Sure if Obama can Assassinate Americans on U.S. Soil!” Shep Smith and the Judge Hit a Homer

    • Texas,

      NOT the point. If they think they have the right, it is only a matter of time until they use it. After all, what trial was there before they killed OBL? Or that American they assassinated with the drone strike?

      Or didn’t you know that the U.S. dropped whatever charges they filed?

    • Ladies & gentlemen,
      Why would I say “find one example?”


      What can our Representatives do with evidence of a “high crime”?

        • “high crime” doesnt get any higher than murder.

          The presidents list requires the Presidents approval to murder someone.

          And I’m sure there is video of the murder ….

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      • You may play your silly games, B., and you shall pay. While I am putting together a post using your pics, I think I will just happen to FORGET your name as my source! Uh-huh! And I will figure it out, too! Eventually. It should probably just take me a few days, I think.

        I shall be very forgiving if you remind me how to text and check messages on the cellphone.

          • Ha! I did it……….. all by myself!

            Actually, that is a complete and utter lie. Mr. Kells had to show me what to do. I say, B., I cannot recall the title of the post you wrote, but it had a pic of folks being shot. Can you direct me there, please? My compilation is brewing in my sick and twisted mind…..

              • Right then. I have finished that post at the other site. What a pain in the ass!!!! Why must they make it so difficult to load pics over there??!!!

                I shan’t post that here as it is primarily a regurgitation of you boys. (That sounded naughty…)

                I’ve only added some sass to yall’s frass. I do have a feeling that I’m about to encounter dragons…………..aw, shit! I’m wearin a flippin polka dot dress! How can I fight wearin polka dots??!!…….Then again, I did omit the La Perla unders.(Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m doin)

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