Just Another Example of Growing Tyranny

Pravda West — you know, I have to stop calling them that. Pravda has actually been doing a better job of reporting news than our “news media.” Let me try this:

The “Ministry of Truth” will not show you this story. If you want to be aware of this sort of thing, you have to start relying on the “Free Media” (i.e. TheBlaze, Breitbart, Bloggers...):

Woman Arrested While Refusing Smart Meter Installation on Her Property Tells Us Her Story

This is tyranny and fascism in action! If you try to make this case without understand how it is fascism and tyranny, the Left will say you are crazy and make fun of you. They will tell you this is “voluntary,” it has nothing to do with the government and that it is intended to “help” all of us. Well, let’s look at these points so you will know how to refute them.

First, this is NOT voluntary. If I do not want this meter, what the electric company should do is turn off my power. They do not have the authority to force this meter on me — period. The moment they step foot on my property to do so, I should be able to shoot them. Yes, SHOOT THEM! I have a right to defend my property, and if I clearly tell them they do not have permission to enter my property, they are invading my domain and I should be able to invoke self-defense.

I did not and cannot be forced to give them access to my property against my will just because I accepted their product. You cannot JUSTLY force another person to surrender a natural right, therefore, no company can force it as a part of your agreement with them.

Even if I do accept such a restriction on my natural rights, the company has no authority to force me to continue that contract. I should be able to terminate it at will and re-claim my rights. But notice how the police were called to support this company’s forced installation of a meter against this person’s will? that is fascism: the blending of private business with government against the population.

Finally, how can anyone claim I am free to not accept the power company’s product when the choice is power or no power? I cannot chose another power company: the government has nationalized power generation and distribution (which is more fascism). That is a hidden form of government control. it is fascism and tyranny. It undermines the free market and our natural right to contract. It also undermines our civil right to property. Oh, and one more thing: there is no “choice” with a smart meter. Once they put it on, they can control your energy use. I wonder how the Left would react to a fornication meter to control how many abortions they have to have because they refuse to stop fornicating?

So, if you ever get the chance, throw this in the face of your liberal friends and demand they defend it. You’re now fully armed to beat them into the ground with their own benevolence.

2 thoughts on “Just Another Example of Growing Tyranny

  1. I could write a book about my efforts to keep “smart” meters off 2 CA homes. So far, I’ve prevailed, but one of them costs me $10 per month plus a $75.00 setup fee. The other house is rural, they just haven’t gotten to me there yet, but they’re coming.

    Don’t ask, it’s all a very sore subject.

    Big, dramatic sigh.

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