Media Admits It Cannot Do Its Job


If you are going to publicly admit that you and your peers are so enamored with him that you act like children whenever you are around the President, you are actually admitting you cannot do your job:

Reporter: Obama’s Press Corps Can’t Help But ‘Lose Their Minds’ and ‘Swoon’ When They’re in His ‘Presence’

Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings, joined MSNBC’s Martin Bashir on Thursday to discuss his book on the 2012 campaign. He revealed that journalists who covered President Barack Obama during the campaign became so overwhelmed by his presence at times that they would “lose their minds” and even “swoon” over him.


This man just admitted that he and his peers are not reporters, they are propagandists. If the media cannot honestly and accurately report on the President and his administration because of their personal adoration for him, then there is no chance of sustaining a free and self-governing society. To exercise self-rule, we need honest information about our leaders. We’re not getting that from the people who claim to be “the main stream media.” We are getting open and defiant defense of the man they love.


That should alarm the freedom loving as history shows that wherever the cult of personality grows, tyranny and oppression flourish as well.


33 thoughts on “Media Admits It Cannot Do Its Job

  1. If i remember correctly everyone was in adoration of George Washington at the time of the writing of the Constitution. The difference was the personal integrity of Washington prevented his rise to the American King.

    I fear that the One does not have that personal integrity and given the chance he would assume the Mantle of the American Dictator willingly.

      • Your choice of “Poster”….is brilliant !!

        I didn’t see where you desribed it but it should be… : It is a faceover of the Fraud overlaid over an old “Joe Steel “Poster,

        In it Stalin(Obama) is saying “Pa Russkie”……..”..YES WE DID …”……………..from 2008’s “yes we can”

    • Yes sir. Washington did not seek to become President, reluctantly served a second term, and outright refused a third term.

  2. I saying this, I do not mean that we should not be Activists against Obama’s bad policies, but I have to admit that talking about Obama is getting really old on all of the Blogs. I would like to see discourse on how to fix the Republican Party, a debate on what part or parts of the platform may not actually be effective, life supporting, or sensible. We need to determine whether or not the Republican approach to curing the problems of our nation is working. What novel approaches can we take to undermine our national problems? How can we change the Republican message to win elections? The RINOs are determined to have Globalist Socialism – a One-World Government. That is what amnesty produces, and so many other issues revolve around a Globalist perspective. But, a Globalist perspective represents only the large corporations and their proponents. For the United States, Globalism is a disadvantage not a plus; however, Republicans keep putting up Globalist Socialist candidates. In reading Bloggers comments, I still see, “but only if those horrible people had voted for Romney, everything would be fine.” Romney is a Globalist Socialist like the Bushes. And, here is a good debate for you: Is Obama actually worse than Bush #43? So far, Obama appears to be a very mild version of Bush #43. Everyone criticizes Obama for being tyrannical and Socialist, but Bush #43’s actions spoke louder than words. Where is the discourse regarding Bush #43’s Socialist tendencies and policies? Where is the discourse comparing Obama to Bush #43? If the other guy is always the problem then how can we ever develop a better platform or a better message? RINOs changed the platform to include amnesty – a one-time fix to elect Jeb Bush. (Jeb Bush has a Mexican wife.) If amnesty is given, we will forever after be having to run mixed race couples or minorities for president, unless we amend the platform in other ways. It is not what Obama is doing that is ruining our nation, it is a succession of very bad presidents, of which Romney would have been another in the long line. In 2016, we must have our priorities set on a platform, policies, and messages that work, and that means Republican soul searching not back room deals for a specific man, Jeb Bush, to win only one election. That is extremely shortsighted.

    • AW,

      if you are asking me to support “saving” the Republican Party, I am afraid you will find I am against you and not for you. The Party is dead. In fact, it is part of the Democrat Party. it cannot be saved, it needs to be abandoned and a new movement started.

      If you keep trying what you’ve always tried, you will get what you’ve always got. Look for a new way. invent it.

      • The problem of moving voters to a Third Party or changing the Republican Party is one and the same. Voters must be educated to make a change. Libertarian-Republicans are working mostly on Republican voters within the Libertarian Party; however, convincing Republicans to move toward a Libertarian perspective is the same thing as changing the Republican Party. Voters have to see that a change is necessary. The next step is to decide what changes are necessary. After that is a solutions phase. Finally, voters need to find a candidate who is in line with the necessary solutions. One of our challenges is party line voting – voting the way grandpappy and daddy voted. But, this is just one of the contributing factors. A common Republican perception of Bush #43 is, “they are such nice people”; however, I was told in 1991 that Jeb made a fortune in the illegal drug trade, flying loads of marijuana into the ranch. Living in Albuquerque at the time, a major drug corridor, one’s neighbors were never quite the way one would expect them to be. I chanced to chat with a neighbor who was friends with one of the big marijuana traffickers. While I am not against legalization of drugs, I also do not believe in illegal traffic, and I certainly do not support candidates for whom anything goes for president.

        • Just a little food for thought….

          I agree. Any Republican Party we knew is no more. It also holds true that Obama and his sycophants are so demonstrably inept, uncaring, agenda-driven, etc, etc, that they make the absolute BEST targets for giving examples of would-be young (and old) Conservatives out there.

          We are all sick of hearing about Obama. I get it. However, unless he just trots off to Hawaii and spends the rest of his second term in ambiguity, we will have to keep his hypocrisies and corruption of our liberties front-and-center.

          Yes, we are but a small corner of this vast expanse we call the internet, but in my mind, the message is just that important, and no outward reach is too small.

          • Augger is correct:

            The Left actually depends on you getting bored and tuning out. That then opens the door for them to step in and fill the void you left. That’s how they got to where they are now, so why should they change a proven tactic?

            It also explains why they are tone-deaf to the will of the People. Why should they respond to us when we have proven that they just have to outlast us?

              • It seems to me that many of the voters we hope to attact to a competent governing philosophy are very confused. Some haven’t educated themselves about politics. And, some do not understand that the old trite solutions for which they are trying to gain acceptance will never get respect, that either “new” or a return to “old” tried effective solutions is in order. The question is how do we get these voters to move to a workable solution? What is our strategy? First, do we all agree on the current ineffective solutions that we are going to counterract? If we do not agree that a current proposed solution is a problem, it will be difficult to develop or blog a counter solution with enough mass to make an impact. Should we start listing current ineffective “bad” solutions, and proposing effective counter solutions, so that our strategy is focsed and to the point? What P.R. strategy is best in presenting our talking points? Should we learn some wheedling strategies? I’m throwing this out because we seem to have some rather fine minds on this blog, and many of us work on other blogs in addition to this one. What can we develop here among ourselves that we can spread everywhere?

                • AW,

                  historically, the solution has always been some form of calamity: whether through war or total social collapse followed by mass starvation, you simply must purge the rot from the healthy body of society. However, once you reach a point where the decay is greater than the healthy tissue, society dies. That is what we are facing right now: a situation that mankind has never faced in all of recorded history — ever. The decay is THAT wide-spread.

                  • While I agree with you Joe, we still need a strategy to do what we can – a strategy to enlighten or change political thought in our degraded society. I do not embrace a fatalistic attitude where we do nothing. Okay, I will be brave and start this off myself.

                    1) Anti-Abortion rhetoric and defunding Planned Parenthood – Is this a good solution, or is it a 40 year trite and failed solution to our moral problems? If this current solution is incompetent to change morality, what is the solution? It seems to me Republicans are engaged in stubborn head butting contest instead of slyly moving around the problem to a blanket solution.In my opinion, the solution is a return to State’s Rights, so citizens can defund every consequence of immorality if they so choose. If this is the solution, how do we get voters to understand the problem and point out the solution?

                    2) What part or parts of the Republican platform is ruining Republicans in the voting booth? Do Republicans actually have immoral items on their platform? Should we poll Democrats on this one? Is there any possibility that a Pro-War instead of a Pro-Defense Foreign Policy has destroyed Republican credibility? Is the solution for us to shout a slogan of “Pro-Defense Not Pro-War”?

                    3) Is nation building a problem with our Foreign Policy? Are we trying to emulate Napoleon, Alexander the Great, or Attila the Hun? Do Republicans really believe we are supposed to conquer the world or at least dictate to the world? What is this costing us, and what is the solution? Is the solution Pro-Defense and Pro arming our own homeland against invasion instead of so-called nation building? Is the solution to bring the focus back to the place where we actually live and work? How many of those 100 foreign bases are actually necessary? We probably do not want China to control all of the world’s energy and mineral resources, so is a military strategy to compete with China in buying up those resources and protecting them? Do most of our foreign bases need to be focused within easy striking distance of our major competitors?

                    This is something I would like to see us work on as a group. If you are not interested, then that is just the way it is.

                    • AW,

                      You see, all you’re doing is talking to me about what Republicans need; what is best for the Party and how the Party needs to act to get voters. I’m sorry, I am an American and not a Republican. I’ll admit to you, I am deaf to this line of reasoning now, and I will NEVER open an ear to it again because I now realize this is how we got where we are. So, until people totally drop this line of thinking and return to the way our founders did it — that is, thinking and arguing principle and not party — then you will not get what you want: a chance in the hearts and minds of the people.

                      But then, that will bring you to the real wall that has to be hurdled: without God, there really are no principles and ideals — only one “sides” version vs another’s… 😦

                    • You keep talking as though you are looking to form a Party through which to pursue your political goals. Am I wrong? If so, then you’re right, I have missed what you’re trying to say. But I’m not trying to be combative.

          • I actually think that RNL is part of quite a few “corners of the vast Internet”…..Readers and Lurkers far outnumber the Commenters.

            It sometimes takes repeating something Loudly many many times before it becomes part of the Lanscape of Political Dialogue………………….Certainly the Left has been undaunted in repeat its “points” fopr decades !!!

        • AW,

          You are missing a key point: Republican Leadership cannot and will not be removed. Therefore, even if 100% of the rank-and-file change, the Party and the direction it goes will not. If this were not the case, the Republican party would have changed directions long ago.

          Don’t forget, the Progressive movement was born of the Republican Party…

          • My point is that we have to get the voters to change whether the Republican Party changes, or we have a third party. The problem remains the same. It is educating voters. Voters have to be moved to a platform that works to win elections, so we are still stuck with the same problem no matter if we are trying to get them to vote third party, or if we are moving them to a modified Republican platform. The talking points can be to change the Republican platform and to field candidates who support that platform whether the Republican leadership agrees or not. Republicans are allowing themselves to be dictated to by all kinds of leadership much of which is not in their best interests. We the people need to decide on the platform that we accept and push it. That platform just may well match a third party, or it may match Republican candidates who we already know do not follow the Republican Party platform.

          • Another thought on this subject: All candidates who run for the Republican nomination are not running on the same platform, and they do not always run on the platform agreed upon by Establishment Republicans. That is why we must educate Republicans to a platform that works – get them to agree to a platform that will win an election without compromising our country and moral and ethical principals.

    • AW…..The GOP just voted Reince Prebus in again……He refused to support Conservatives with money even after PUBLICALLY saying he would do so….M Bachmann is just one example.

      What in the world do we have left in the GOP that is worth saving ???

      I can’t speak for Joe….But I think he is trying to educate the “Low-Info Voters” as well as give the Conservatives Info-ammo to desribe the Actual Danger America is in.

      But I agree with you that we ALL need to have strategies….specific actions targeted at the State Level AND at thee 2014 Midterms….it’s a Two-front struggle that needs equal effort on both fronts because the two are Complimentary…..

      BUT…..BUT…What are we supposed to do with No Leadership…with the likes of Boehener et al……It really does appear the GOP is Dying…..Because…..THEY…DO..NOT…STAND…UP …PUBLICALLY. And because….They have NOT articulated a Conservative difference from the Democrats….and then go out and SAY IT in the Media…Every Day….just as the Socialists do !!!

      • Don,

        I wish I could get the “conservatives” to understand that they are being hypocritical when they complain about the Left forcing them to pay taxes to support an agenda they disagree with, then arguing we need to “change the Republican Party from within.” How is it they cannot see that all they are doing is giving their money to a Party that then uses it against them and does what it wants either way?

        I think conservatives need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Fix what they believe firmly upon reason — reason that they can explain and defend in the face of the most hysterical and shrill Leftist pit bulls in the media. And then and only then, take it to the streets. But — as i see it — the “conservatives” still do not see themselves clearly enough to understand why they drive away Libertarians and people such as myself who have woken up to the game we’ve all been tricked into playing.

        • Conservatives are pretty Clear about what they believe……Many are Aware that Political Realities require a strong Party Structure to take on a Radical opposing Party machinery.

          You know how I feel from my above post …. BUT AW DOES have some important points …. Folks like myself are mindful of both positions, which I do not feel are mutually exclusive …..2010 is an important Model !! But it must be altered along the line you are suggesting. Aw IS SUGGESTING a change and a unified Platform OUTSIDE of the current Leadership so I think she is recognizing RADICAL change is needed including a complete rejection of current GOP leadership.

          Somehow 2014 must be a repeat of 2010 ….. but not an EXACT repeat. At this point a 3rd party will split the vote this way……Democrat / Communist 44%……Gop 27 %….new 3rd Party 22%….Libertarian 6 %….other 1 %.

          This means Democrat Total control for probaby the next 15 -20 years.

          To Paraphrase what you said….The 3rd Party ADVOCATES need to take a long, hard look in the Mirror…..and decide if they want to WIN or merely make a point……..If they Truely want to WIN ( which I hope is the case ), then a multi-year, multi-step strategy is needed …. one which keeps Conservative / Libertarians (and people like Joe) in the Political Game….rather than on the outside looking in.

          • Don,

            I have come to understand that Party politics MUST result in Party-first loyalty, therefore, it can NEVER serve the best interest of its constituency OR the nation. The fact that we defend and rationalize the need for Parties is actually an indicator of what I mean by Party-first thinking. You do NOT need a Party to be politically effective and the TEA Party — not really a party at all — proved that.

            I believe this is why Washington warned us away from Party politics.

    • Change the Republican Party? Take over the Republican Party is the objective. It has to start at the neighborhood level and spread to the county and state level committees. And in those states that the Republicans are like the Democrats, it can’t be done. Just how much time are you willing to spend on this Project? How long has the Marxist project to take over the Democrat party been in motion? Where do you think the NeoCons came from; they came from the moderate Democrat ranks that chose to leave the Party after the Marxists took over the Democrat Party, over the last 50 yrs.

      • Triper,

        Are you sure about the neocons? Serious and sincere question: are you sure they are “Leftist” infiltrators? Because, if you are defining “Leftist” as Liberal/Progressive, then you might have it backward. You see, the Progressive movement started in the Republican Party and moved to the Democrat Party. So it could be that the neocons have been here all along…

        • Joe – People seem to think of the NeoCon as all that exists in the Republican party. The term actually was coined to refer to the moderate Dems that became Republicans with the rise of the Socialist Democrats.

          Now lets discuss what happened when the Progressive Republicans integrated these new politically savvy converts into the their Political structure. The conservative voices were marginalized. Can the Republican Party ever be rehabilitated? And just how long will that take? Is it even worth the attempt at rehabilitation?

          Personally, I think the Republican Party is on it’s way to join the Whig Party. And can the Progressives ever be removed from the political picture of the United States. Their kind has been around since the founding of this nation. The only way to change the present American slide into Progressive Mediocrity is through education. Keep up the blogging. It’s the beginning.

      • It seems we are confronted with a problem that keeps growing instead of waning by debunking. Almost every single Tea Party member with the exception of me, has commented on that he misses Bush. Negative propaganda about Obama is so effective that almost no Republican believes that Bush #43 was worse than Obama. However, when one compares Obama’s policies with Bush #43’s policies, it appears to me that Obama’s pale quite visibly by comparison. Everyone continues to herd Republican voters into the Establishment Republican fold. Another article on where the Comments were entirely Establishment Republican, with the exception of my own, was one regarding the recent dismissal of another general. Only one article I found indicated that the general was too much of a “hawk”. All others, including the article, indicated the general was replaced because he wouldn’t fire on Americans, a wrong placement of context for the firings. The one article that stated Mattis was too hawkish also exposed the fact that Obama was repeatedly asked to replace “hawkish” generals. Radicalization of Evangelicals continues at a rapid pace on the blogs with really outrageous arguments. One that has been popping up is the negative Morsi statement from the Koran about Jews. The Talmud is chock full of offensive statements regarding Gentiles, and Christians and Muslims are both Gentiles. He who does not believe the Jews view the world through the Talmud is naive. The problem with the takeover of the Republican Party is that we are ending up with the very same thing we had in the first place – Establishment Republican thinking and solutions. We must either develop more ways in which to change Republican thinking, or we will never accomplish a goal of good government.

        Most blogs sold out to Establishment Republicans prior to the election, which is the reason for a few weeks blackout and why amnesty popped up on all of them when they finally resurfaced in our email boxes. Amnesty is for the purpose of electing Jeb Bush, who has an Hispanic wife. After Jeb Bush for 4-8 years, Republicans can look forward to winning elections only with a minority or mixed race couple. That is what amnesty does for Republicans. It is the wrong part of the Republican platform to change. The Tea Party and Conservatives are all too often paving the right-of-way for the RINOs, reinforcing Establishment Republican thinking. Libertarian bloggers need to go to work over at That might help.

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