Obama, Flies and the Bible

What is it with this guy, anyway?


Barack Obama

But it’s not just flies.  If you’ll remember, it’s been rats, bees and flies (start at the 2:00 minute mark):

Beck on Rats, Flies, Bees and Obama, Oh My!

Can you remember any other president that has had this many of this sort of occurrences?  I can’t.  Now, let me ask you what you know about the connections between rats, bees and flies and the Bible?

Obama, Flies and Bees


I wrote and scheduled this post before Drudge posted his story about Obama: Landing Pad for Flies

18 thoughts on “Obama, Flies and the Bible

  1. LOL!!!

    I JUST asked my wife last night – no joke; isn’t there a link between the bible and fly’s? Something to do with evil?
    [I’m a laymen on the bible mind you]

    Seriously… I have NEVER read the bible. I have tried but never got past 10 or 15 pages. But I have been told a lot of stories from it by those that have and there are many stories I do remember. My wife, a very religious woman, grew up in religion and has read the bible more than once. She could not recall… then I get this post in my inbox this morning!

    I just about fell out of my desk chair! So now, I have to go look this up but I can assure you this post is going to my wife ASAP!

  2. Notice, the flys are never bothering anyone else (interviewer, camera operators). How many of these occurrences have occurred that haven’t been reported?

    Ask yourself this question, are these flys acting like flys? (They seem to be acting more like mosquitos.)

    Flys land on nourishment. Like your sandwich or potato salad at a picnic …

    • It’s FLIES, folks not “flys”! One fly, two FLIES! JEEZ, did anyone ever pass third grade spelling? Or, for those of us who are just lazy, try right clicking your mouse, pad or trackball and VOILA! a SPELL CHECK!

  3. Exodus 8:24

    And the LORD did this. Dense swarms of flies poured into Pharaoh’s palace and into the houses of his officials, and throughout Egypt the land was ruined by the flies.

    • PoliTec,

      As you read the Old Testament, you will find a strong connection between Beelzebub (the devil) and flies. This is what “Lord of the Flies” refers to: evil.

      Scientifically, you will find a connection between rats, flies and bees and carrion (dead and rotting flesh).

      Either way, when people claim that the Bible is a collection of superstitious myths and fairytales, they express their ignorance. When they demand signs, they tell you they have ignored them. this story is proof of both as these rats, flies and bees stories in connection with Obama are the very signs skeptics demand — then refuse to acknowledge when they get them.

      At the same time, many who profess to be believers miss the signs as well, so… 😦

      • Now place yourself in my shoes, I made the connection without ever reading the bible… this is why it makes me so crazy that the left makes illogical connections like guns kill then ignore flies and evil.

        If a laymen like myself can make the connection, that says everything about the good and evil confusion the left has doesn’t it.

        • PoliTec,

          🙂 Did you know that the Bible tells us, if you look for Him, you will find God in the natural world — just by observing what you see? You just demonstrated that that scripture is true. It is also how Cicero developed pretty much the same philosophy of natural rights/law as Locke. Cicero got it from observing the world and applying reason: Locke drew it from the book of Romans, but they still got to the same place.

          You see, the Bible tells us God gave us 2 books: Nature, and the Bible 😉

  4. As any one here, that has been to the middle east can attest, THE FLIES ARE TERRIBLE. Spent 20 months in Kuwait cleaning up after the first gulf war and in the middle of the desert, with 120 degree temperature at three feet above ground level, I’ve seen flies cover the down wind side of people so you could not see the clothes.

    Could the land itself be evil? Just asking?

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