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Aside from M.’s Birthday a few days ago, you may have missed this at the inauguration:  (My belated birthday present…..since I’m the sweet, caring, kind, funny, intelligent, honest contributor…….unlike the boys…..) Happy “Belated” Birthday, M. (You should be receiving your Kate Upton blow-up doll any day now.)


11 thoughts on “Breaking News

    • No. I already do. Now, don’t get me wrong, the new hairy fella is very, very good and I, unlike the boys, have been as pleasant as you please to him. I suppose I should tell them all that I enjoyed their posts. After all, I do not hold it against them that they are all racist bigoted homophobes who prance around in pretty purple peddle-pushers. I realise that we’ve got a rep to protect.

      • Every gun shop and firing range in and around The Woodlands (north of Texas) is sold out of any Glock model (and I want a Gen 4 with the better recoil springs) or any Beretta PX4’s, so I have to have something to occupy my time until my order arrives…

        Occupy Kate Upton!

        • Saw { and held… :- )) } all 3 models of the PX 4…in .40 and 9mmm…… they feel great in the hand….I liked the Full size the best ( no reflection on Upton or any ladies at all BTW). I haven’t seen ANY Glock 23 Gen 4s either…in 5 shops.

          What do you think of 300 Black-out…300 whisper ???

          “Occupy Kate Upton”……..Now THAT’s an Occupy “movement” I could get Behind, beside and around… ;- )) .

        • Happy Burf-day Utah….a little cultural Diversity here….hope it loads…..cause it’s “loads” of fun

          So Kells whats yah think of my research ?

    • I cried laughing, but it is only for the mere fact that I’m a registered Republican.

      Yes, I believe they would’ve applauded this. I really do. When one is fed free lollipops and chocolates, one’s mind tends to turn to mush……or so I’ve been to mush. Then again, it could be the sugar rush….

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