Another Example of How My Twisted Mind Works

Do you have any idea what I thought when I read this story?

A Path to Citizenship? Senators Reach Bipartisan Agreement on Sweeping Immigration Reform

I thought, if the media were to start pounding us over the head with stories about how “the people” want to legalize rape and slavery, and they supported it with polls, and then one Party lost an election because it was opposing rape and slavery (at least in word), that Party would eventually decide “it had to change” and would start to support rape and slavery. What’s more, that Party would have its mouth-pieces in its supporting media screaming at me about how I am a turn-coat and traitor for not supporting the Party’s “change.” They would tell me I don’t understand, and that I have to support the Party’s new platform supporting rape and slavery so the Party can win elections so they could reverse the nation’s policies on rape and slavery.

But no, I’m just a traitor to me Party who doesn’t understand that this sort of “growth” is “politically necessary.”  And thus, the Republican Party “Progresses” a step further in its constant state of evolution toward moral perfection.


[Note: if you don’t get the sarcasm in this post, you might need to quit reading my posts.]

32 thoughts on “Another Example of How My Twisted Mind Works

  1. WE are where WE are because that’s where “THEY” want us to be. This is not by accident or evolution. There is a motive behind “THEIR” madness. We may not always realize what it is (in time) but there is a motive.

    • Andrea,

      I do not disagree: I’ve just come to understand that ‘we” can’t get here just because “they” want us to be here, “we” have to do our part and let them push us here (or willingly follow).

  2. The sad thing is, you’re not that far out on the metaphorical tree. Slavery’s in place. Rape, on the other hand, is still a little more nebulous yet. Rape of 401(k)’s, bank accounts, confiscation of guns and gold, it’s on the way….that’s what the little s-weasel’s after.

    • Sally,

      I am aware that they will — not try, will take our 401k’s, but they won’t stop there. I expect them to take ALL private retirement plans…in exchange for a “promise” to take care of you later.

      Yes, you’re right, it is slavery. Honestly, I’m starting to wonder whether or not life is going to be worth living much longer. You see, I would take the red pill every time. I just prayt it’s the same thing as Eve’s apple? 😦

          • Now I’m being Dense….You WANT it to be the same as the Knowledge path of Eve’s apple or you don’t ?? Or are you saying even the red pill “choice” today is “directed”…..thus altered from the Truth ??

            • Don,

              The red pill is the path to knowledge, but some translations of the Torah describe the tree as the tree of knowledge. I think we’re safe so long as we seek the knowledge of truth, but I fear that there may be no difference between that and knowledge of right and wrong in the Lord’s eyes.

              You know how easy it is for people to mean well and try to do the right thing and end up doing wrong because of ignorance. I guess I’m just crossing my fingers in hopes that I am not doing wrong because I do not know enough to know what I don’t know. Does that make sense?

              • You’re very smart….and you always make a lot of sense …. ( well 99 and 44/100ths right …. :- )) ). I’ll have to go through the Boolean algebra on your comment … lol, but I understand what you’re getting at.

                This seems the perfect place to Bring you this link which I’ve saved for you. It is of the Chief Rabbi of England { Lord Sachs} giving a Lecture Nov 2012 at UC Berkely’s Boalt Hall Law school. In it he is talking about The Differencr between Greek Philosophy and Judaic Law….( We need BOTH science and “The Law”…he says , they are complimentary)…..BUT his take on FREEDOM and it’s connection to the Covenant with God is Key…..He is Funny and an example of a First rate Mind ( dissing the academic Dissers even…lol). It is about 1 hour and 16 min….but if you scip the Intro it’s only about 50 min….tghe Q & A is wothwhile as well…………So much more to it….well worth a sit-down and watch….he is an example of a True leader.


                Hope the link works.

                • Don,

                  Thanks. I watched most of the video, but will confess, I turned it off toward the end. Let me explain why, but let me first clearly acknowledge that I do not mean to disrespect the Rabbi. I will concede that he is far more learned than I on the Torah as well as the central theme of his lecture. Furthermore, as I do not speak ancient Hebrew or Greek, the Rabbi has an additional advantage over me. However, as I have read the New Testament in addition to the Old (Tanahk), I suspect I have a perspective he totally ignores. Allow me to explain.

                  First, in Romans, the Apostle Paul — a Pharisee — tells us that God CAN be found through the book of nature and that this is partially reflected in the Gentiles who, having never received the Scripture, never the less know God’s moral law. Now, this is where it is important to understand what a Pharisee was. He was a person who studied the Torah and Tanahk from a very early age and, in many cases, could receipt it from memory. So, if Paul, a Pharisee, says that God can be found by searching the natural world, then this is grounds to challenge the Rabbi’s assertion that God cannot be inferred from science and the natural world.

                  Now enter John Locke. Locke derived his understanding of Natural Rights and Natural Law almost entirely from the Book of Romans (Locke said so, not me). It must be noted that Locke blended the sciences and his understanding of this natural law with the Biblical Scriptures. This is one of the primary reasons our founders favored him over Hobbes. But here again, this contradicts the Rabbi’s assertion that we cannot find God through science.

                  Now, jump back to Cicero. Cicero developed an understanding of natural rights and natural law very similar to Locke’s, yet Cicero had nothing but his observation of the world around him and his human intellect. But, when you look at what Cicero worked out, it is in keeping with what Scripture teaches — even in the old Testament: that if you seek Him, you WILL find Him. Scripture does not say you must be a Jew and know the Scripture to find God, only that you have to seek him. So, how can the Gentile possibly find God if not through the natural world?

                  Now, go to the Book of Job, a book the Rabbi should know. Job recites an account nearly identical to Locke’s and Cicero’s, yet he goes them one further. Job uses what he can see and know of the world and his human reason to deduce that there is not only a God, but that there must be an “Interceder” who will stand between him — a sinner — and God. This Interceder will be sent by God to justify Job, to wash him clean so he can be in God’s presence. In other words, Job deduced that Christ is a necessity from nothing more than his observation of the world and his reason. Now this is important to understand: Job — the oldest book in Scripture — did not have Scripture to guide him when he determined all of this.

                  Finally, the Rabbi may not fully understand the ancient proofs of first cause. For God to say “I am that I am” means more than the Rabbi allowed. It means that God is, but also that he must be and that He must be as He is. That may sound confusing, but it is the essence of the argument of first cause, which states that the first cause (i.e. God) must exist out of necessity, as a part of its being. In other words, the first cause must be what it is or, “I am that I am.”

                  Oh, and one last note: as I have shown on the RNL, I can derive a theory of morality that is in perfect harmony with scripture and Christ’s Gospel from nothing more than observation of the world around me and human intellect/reason. And while my case for morality is still based on a promise from God, it is a much simpler promise than the one the Rabbi suggests. For my system of morality to work, God need but promise to give us free will and to never take that from us. And, if you read Scripture carefully, God has given us free will (that He is also sovereign can be explained extra-dimensionally, but that is a different and much longer discussion).

                  So, I trust the Rabbi will forgive me, but I think he has set up a bit of a strawman or is making an argument out of ignorance because — as I just explained — I do not believe he can make his argument as he presented it. his argument would appear to fail when confronted with the evidence I just presented.

                  Humbly submitted for your consideration 🙂

                • I “See” what you “say”…..To paraphrase the Rabbi { The West uses the metaphor for knowledge via sight, as in I see for I understand…the Judaic being to Hear for to know…. ;- ))} . I didn’t get quite the dichotomy you sense. I got more of an understanding that BOTH natural Law, the Greek-scientific approach and the Religious understanding of God where necessary and complimentary.

                  His use of the Hebrew term for “I am that I am” was quite interesting in that it is in the Future tense….I Will be what I will be. which does confer and Infer the sense of God being outside of ( as well as part of ) …that which is…(the natural world if you will). In other words being Beyond that which had been described as God before ( by other Ancient Religions). And also being beyond descriptions tied to the science of the physical world. …..And that conception further being tied to Freedom and Free-will……and thus Mankind “created in God’s image” being also given this Free will…….AND thus Freedom coming from God…..and NOT from the Laws of man or “physics”.

                  Thus he says that the extinguishing of the Judeo-Christian religion would be the extinguishing of this Freedom .

    • Sally……The Progressives and their Muslim allies are INDEED trying to make Rape legal….there are two Iiberal judges in LA who publically stated women can’t get raped unless they want it ( which is EXACTLY what the muslims say)…..the Progressives in England are trying to get Pedophilia protected by law…saying it is just a different form of “normal”….so yes even this is in the works.

        • Whoever gave me a thumbs down can kiss it! Guess the hell what? If some freak of nature wants to play with my son’s wanker, he shall sing soprano. My son is a very good shot. Then again, I’m quite sure you’re fond of boys that sing high C’s.

          • It would appear that at least TWO freakish lurkers here DO want to play with underage children’s privates…..

            Such is the Liberal Democrat Progressive orientation …. they will support actions against a person’s will and against Good people defending the innocent……the very definition of Fascist perverts.

  3. NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Assn is very big in SF. I think Pedophilia is definitely being pushed by the Progs.

  4. It’s actually more like 20 MILLION !!!!

    And then these 20 Million would be eleible to be added to the Takers list via ObamaCare ??

  5. I can’t understand the deal about immigration reform. We have a very good means that any decent person can use to become a naturalized American already on the books. I know several people that have done it and actually have a brother-in-law going thru it now. It may be a hassle but it is very do-able. I am a certified general contractor, and I constantly hear people bitch about the regulations involved in getting the license I have. They say it is way to hard so they go about competing with me and other legal builders by doing it illegally. If they have their way, ( and the gov’t were to do for them like they are trying to do for illegal immigrants) the state will eliminate the requirements of becoming a licensed builder and allow anyone that wants the licence to have it. In both cases there is a reasonable path that will get someone to the end result and that should not be changed to accommodate illegals.

    • Dusty,

      It’s simple: they are just calling amnesty, ‘reform.’ They believe we won’t see that this is all it is if they just give it a “nicer sounding name.” heck, this is straight out of Saul Alinsky. he specifically says to just call unpopular agendas by nice sounding names and people will buy it. Well, guess what? Hook…line…and sinker.

      And why do they want it? They think it will give them more votes. Well, Republicans ‘think’ it will — Democrats KNOW it will give them more votes.

      • I understand the political motive behind it …………. I just can’t see how the illiterates feel it is necessary. We have 20+ million illegals here, of which at least half are working ( I think that is why they are here in the first place) and we have 8+ million legal Americans unemployed supposedly because there are no jobs for them. Until such time as we are having a hard time finding people to employ, we don’t need to change the immigration laws.

        As to whom the newly legalized immigrants should vote for…………….. they should ask their employers which party they belong to and they would be amazed how many bosses aren’t D’s

        • Dusty,

          It’s “compassion.” If you are against “undocumented workers,” then you are a racist who wants the poor minorities to starve. I think a majority of the people you mention have actually bought that line of BS. So, as far as I con figure it, that’s about the sum of things.

        • The interesting thing is…immigrants are NOT eligible to vote until they’re citizens. But hey, the Left never lets anything like laws stop them.

          • That’s the whole point of the Phrase…..”A path to Citizenship”…..It means ..:…”A path to the Democrat Party being in power forever , by stealing even more from the Producers and giving it to the Democrat Illegal Aliens”.

            It’s a Sham for Political control by the Democrats and RINO-Progressives…..and for ” More Free-Entitlements from the illegal aliens”.

    • American citizenship is easy. I’ve been teaching citizenship and English to the foreign-born as part of church ministry off and on for 30 years and know dozens of people who have gone through the process quite successfully. The citizenship test is incredibly easy now compared to what it was when I first taught citizenship back in college.

      I’ll respectfully disagree with you on occupational licensing, however. Alaska has some of the most lax qualifications and the licensing qualifications here have become just about impossible to manage. The unions control the market by getting the State to strengthen the licensing requirements to a point where workers must go through the unions get enough hours to qualify to take tests at each level of advancement and then contractors need an administrator (master) to oversea the work, but can’t hire them unless the contractor is signatory to the union. There are still a few trades that aren’t controlled by the unions, but increasingly, it’s impossible here to start a contracting business without a nod from the union.

      I’m told this is common practice in the Lower 48, except in right-to-work states, and that Alaska is behind the times … we need to move into a modern era of “highly trained” union-vetted tradesmen.

      • I’m in Florida, a right to work state. However, it is still quite a hassle to get the Certified General Contractor license I have (unless you have connections in the state gov’t). You are required to have 5 years of supervisory experience on buildings 5 stories or higher, and you must pass an unbelievably hard day long test. I know people that have taken the test several times, continually flunked it and gave up. I was fortunate, because I was originally licensed as a Registered General Contractor and after 15 years of working with zero problems I was upgraded to Certified. The difference is that Registered is county level and Certified is state level. Actually many statesI will allow me to cotract in their state because I have the Certified Florida license which is so much harder to get thah theirs.

        • Dusty,

          I feel ya. My father is a 4th generation carpenter and has forgotten more about building than most of us will ever know. He used to do re-modeling jobs and small construction like additions and buildings — until they passed the requirement for a license to do so. He doesn’t read well, so he never took the test — a test he could have designed. I know this because we built a 24X24 addition once that, when the inspector came out, he brought his supervisor to see the building. they told us it was the best built building they had ever seen in bay Country. My father got his reciprocating saw because he handed my brother and I sledge hammers once and told us to take out the back wall of his barn so he could add on. It was easier to buy the saw and cut that bastard out than to knock it out!

          Government generally gets in the way, and these licenses are often pushed by the “big boys” to keep the little man out of things. That’s fascism, people.

          • I can relate to the “carpenter father” story…………………. my father was a 30 year US Army helicopter pilot that retired in the mid 70’s. He always built stuff and became a cabinet builder/carpenter for many years until he decided it was too strenuous for a man his age. I have great memories of his expertise and credit him for all of my construction knowledge.

        • Here in Alaska, I can use my husband’s profession as an example. He got his journeyman electrical card about 15 years ago, drawing on 8000 hours he had collected over the previous 15 years of working and two letters of reference from journeyman electricians he’d worked with before. He took a test — it was tough, but he passed it on the first try.

          He could not get that license now nor can he manage an upgrade to administrator (some states call it a master’s license) because you now must gather those 8000 hours within a six-year time and have three administrators sign off on your work before you can take the test. Alaska has a shortened construction season because of our climate. The only TRUTHFUL way to get 8000 hours in six years is as an IBEW apprentice or journeyman. Increasingly the administrators all belong to the union, so if you came up from Florida and wanted to open an electrical business here, you would have to hire an administrator to oversee the journeymen. Because they control the hours, you would find it difficult to hire an administrator unless you became a signatory of the union. IBEW would be fine with that and they’d send you a crew of highly trained electricians who would promptly run you out of business.

          There are people who do it. Often they go through the apprenticeship, put in their five years to be vested for retirement and then quit the union to open their own companies, but they find themselves with bonding issues that prevent them from growing beyond the residential market.

          And, the question is — are all these requirements making anyone safer? My husband and I know from the heating trade (which is also becoming increasingly difficult to get into) that fewer heating technicians out there mean higher prices that force homeowners to do the work themselves and sometimes burn their homes down. Safer … not so much.

          • Aurora,

            What those who love liberty would call that is interfering with the pursuit of happiness. When a man or woman needs a license to earn a living, government has crossed from protector to oppressor.

            • I mostly agree, though I do think there needs to be some standards. You don’t want me wiring your house, for instance. Not being able to qualify for a license or certificate would help to identify me as someone you wouldn’t want to hire for that job.

              I’d prefer to see a private board of masters over the government doing it. I believe some of the eastern states used to operate that way. We do it with codes now. The NFPA is a private agent and municipalities often simply say “building codes shall meet NFPA standards as of this date”. Government does have some uses, but we have WAY more government than is healthy for liberty and mostly it’s unnecessary to keep us safe. If it can be done by private entities, it should be.

              • Aurora,

                And that is what guilds used to be for: a private organization designed to help the consumer have some reassurance as to the competence of the person working for them.

                You see, we have been so sold on “govt is the only way” thinking for so long, we no longer realize that there is another way to do the same thing through the private market. 🙂

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