Another Lesson in Progressive, Orwellian Double-Speak

Please note these stories:

Obama suggests Republicans unwilling to compromise in gun control debate

Obama Pledges to Continue Crackdown on ‘Irresponsible Behavior’

These two stories are directly connected. Do you see the relation? The second story is an indirect but openly stated admission that Obama intends to go after anyone who opposes his agenda on the basis that they are behaving “irresponsibly.” But here’s the most important point: not only does he not define “irresponsible,” all of the things he lists as “irresponsible” are actually legal (or were at the time people were doing them). Now I ask you, how is it “the rule of law” when you can be declared “irresponsible” and face the full wrath of the federal government for following the law?

There’s one more thing I’d like you to consider: we’ve traveled down this road at least twice before in this nation. Once under Wilson and again under FDR, and both times the American people determined it was a mistake to travel it. But there is a difference between then and now. Back then, the majority of us still understood and embraced the principles of individual rights, liberty and the rule of law. Today — not so much. So, how do you think things are going to turn out this time?

2 thoughts on “Another Lesson in Progressive, Orwellian Double-Speak

  1. Thanks, Sally, for the applause.

    I think movements like the state sovereignty movement can, over time and with patience, weaken the grip of the federal government, but it’s not going to be easy because of the lack of factual education. That can be overcome, however. Here in Alaska, my 8th grader came home from PUBLIC school talking about the constitution with a true understanding of federalism and separation of powers. Six years ago, his sister was being told Alaska needed to be a good little frozen banana republic and let the feds rape us. Having spent her first seven years of school in a Christian school (and having rebellious parents), she would argue with her public school teachers and they’d tell me, privately, that they were impressed with her knowledge while warning me that her grades were going to reflect her unauthorized views. Now, my son is learning the opposite ONLY six years later. It took two governors with actual conservative principles and a district superintendent who agreed to change the curriculum.

    This gives me hope. Alaska may be at the forefront of this because we’ve been fomenting rebellion against the feds since 1978, but other states are starting to wake up. Not that I sympathize with them, but the recent marijuana laws are evidence of state nullification of federal overreach. Even “blue” states are starting to catch on.

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