I Have a Better Idea: Let’s Start Firing Teachers!

When I saw this:

‘Anti-testing movement’ grows among American teachers

By refusing to administer a district-mandated test to their students, teachers at a Seattle high school have touched off a movement that’s picking up steam by the day.

The Chicago Teachers Union on Monday became the latest to jump on board and express support for the Seattle boycott, announcing a new campaign against “high-stakes standardized testing.”

My blood boiled.  With the already failed state of our school system, now these idiots who call themselves “educators” think it’s a good idea to end the only means we have of knowing whether or not they are doing their jobs?

This is “liberal logic” at its finest. When you are trying to demand more money but you know you are incompetent and deserve to be fired instead, what do you do? Simple: you stop testing any measure of your productivity or efficiency. In this case, teachers refuse to test students. Hey, if you don’t test Johnny and Suzy, then no one knows Johnny and Suzy can’t read or add, so you must be the world’s best teacher, right? I mean, hey, no test, no way to prove you are an incompetent parasite that needs to be fired. And that is all this is about — that, and the culmination of the same BS Dewey was pushing in the first half of last century.

I have a better idea. Since these teachers refused to do their job and administer a mandated test, just fire them. There are plenty of people looking for work who would be happy to have their over-paid job. There’s no need for tax payers to keep paying this bunch of insubordinate parasites.

Here, this is what our educators want to turn us all into: the geniuses in Idiocracies futuristic the White House cabinet:


14 thoughts on “I Have a Better Idea: Let’s Start Firing Teachers!

  1. Tests are a very rough approximation of how well students understand the material. This sort of thing just gives the tests more importance than they deserve. Take the test, examine the results, then move on.

    • drketedc,

      They are still necessary and, if designed properly — like they used to be, before Dewey — they actually work. Otherwise, the politicians wouldn’t cry about our declining test scores 😉

      • Idiocracy was a great Flick ….. Unfortunately We now see it wasn’t so much filmography as Profacy … :- (( .

    • Studies show that Tests are some of the Best ways to move Material from Short-term Memory into Long-term memory…….so tests are a PERT of the Total Learning Process.

      Perhaps changing the Weight of tests….or having more of them each weighted less so that Students, Parents And Teachers get more Frequent feedback on what learning is going on and what’s not.

  2. Michelle Rhee is a champion. I have heard her before and we should model our schools with her ideology. Teach the basics hard core and leave the worthless behind. The real problem is the NEA will use its power to destroy her as it moves it socialist agenda forward.

  3. Um, not to be a thorn in your side, but I do not believe an indvidual’s strength should be based on another individual from one test. I feel that there should be more aspects that judge one’s performance. You do know of the FCAT outcome, do you not?

    That said, I do not feel that a teacher should have more of an advantage than the butcher, the baker, or the candlestick maker…..unless said teacher cuts me a sweet filet, cooks it and lights my fire. 😉

    • Fine, so let the person who scores 230 of their SAT into Harvard (wait, no, come to think of it, that would raise the IQ of that place). OK, so let them into UF.

      Happy now?

      (I think that should make my point — while others struggle to defend the teachers’ point).

      • Unfortunately there ARE many who get into Harvard ( Cornell, MIT, Yale, Uof P, Princeton, U of Chicago, Georgetown et passim ) with Low SAT scores…..having the ultimate ingredient……the Politically Correct minority Ethnic genetics in their family…….

  4. What is needed is a school board that the parents back up by firing the teachers that do not comply with policy and state law. Refusing to give the test is grounds for dismissal. Then, when th eteachers go on strike, the parents take over the classrooms and do the job until the teachers either come back, or are replaced by the board and adminstration. If the teachers sue, use their salaries that they are not collecting for their illegal job action to pay the district’ slawyers.

    • Bob,

      I agree, but many of the local school boards have been taken over by the State government, which is controlled by the federal government in turn. Education has been nationalized — just as the Progressives wanted it to be.

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