Military Training Designed to Simulate Expected Operational Environment — In U.S. CITIES!

Here are just two of many similar stories that have been hitting the news in recent years:

So Why Have Military Helicopters Been Flying Over Miami? We Explain, Plus See the Videos

Military Conducts Another Massive ‘Training Drill’ Involving Helicopters, This Time in Texas

[Note: all you conspiracy freaks out there — pay no attention to the fact that a person might easily mistake those helicopters for being black. There are NO black helicopters in the U.S. arsenal (except those in Homeland Security, the Border and Customs Department and that special ops unit in Tennessee/Kentucky — and maybe these)]

OK, so why should these stories bother us? After all, the military has to train to be prepared, right? WRONG! If this is legitimate training, the military has built simulated urban environments where they can conduct this exact same training without risking the civilian population. This is to desensitize us to the presence of armed helicopters in the skies over and armored vehicles in the streets of our major cities — pure and simple.

And, given Obama’s declaration that we will rip the Constitution to shreds to save a single life, these maneuvers represent an unwarranted safety hazard. Just Google military helicopter training crashes and you’ll see, or click on this link:

List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (2000–present)

Now, what do you suppose the result might be if one of those choppers — loaded with fuel — just happens to go down in a crowded shopping center, night club or other heavily populated area? How many school shootings would we have to have to total up to the possible casualties from that?

No, this is about getting you used to what is coming.


13 thoughts on “Military Training Designed to Simulate Expected Operational Environment — In U.S. CITIES!

  1. I used to live in the People’s Republic of Illinois, three miles (as the Black Hawk flies) from Scott AFB, home to a number of commands, including Air Mobility Command. We had a big white barn on our property, which the pilots liked to use as a sight reference.

    We had the MOST INTERESTING air traffic go over…Black Hawks, WartHogs, occasional C-5 Starlifter (that was something to see!) During an Air Show weekend, we had a pair of WWII Japanese Zeroes staging mock battles overhead. B-1’s, B-2’s, C-130’s, Nightengales, F15’s, F18’s, F117’s. Migs. We had Blue Angels practice overhead, our own private air show. And once, a B-52.

    We lived there seventeen years, and always went outside to see what was up, and our usual attitude was to enjoy the show and say, “Our tax dollars at work.”

    But that was before we moved in December 2008. Now, I’m not so sure. I trust the Air Force rank and file to follow the constitution, but I don’t trust the career criminals (er, generals). And I don’t trust the bureaucrats in the state dept, homeland security, FEMA, EPA, DNR, CIA, FBI.

  2. Iowa. Not necessarily a Red State, but at least we have a Republican governor. Chet Culver, the erstwhile governor (D) made a good case for the “head injuries in football” argument.

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  4. I spent 20+ year in the US Army (8 active 17 reserves) and 4 years when Carter was President. When I left in 1996 I would venture to say 90% of those serving would not follow orders to take up arms against their fellow citizen. If II had to guess today it would be around 75%. The difference is the makeup of those serving. Values are changing and the military is not immune to those changes. When the time comes a dictatorial vulture like Obama will find a willing number to carry out his orders. Hopefully there will stil be enough that won’t and leave to protect their families instead. This is why we should not give one inch on gun control. When the guns go so does any chance for liberty. If you think what France, Germany or the UK has now is liberty then you will like what is coming. Everything our Government is doing under the leadership of Obama wreaks of evil.

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