R.I.P. GOP???

Food for thought:

Beck: The GOP Is Done — ‘And It’s a Good Thing’

“Freedom isn’t easy it requires us to be constantly engaged mentally, and physically,” Beck said before noting that the GOP’s “big tent” mentality only begets capitulation and compromise on the part of conservatives. The system is “starting to collapse.”

He added that it is not the tent, but rather the stakes that supporting it that are important. 

“The GOP doesn’t hold to any of their principles.”

Needless to say, i agree, but this is one time where I am not the one agree with Beck: Beck is agreeing with me :-D(I’ve been ahead of him on this one — way ahead).

8 thoughts on “R.I.P. GOP???

  1. Joe, you have to remember that Beck is first a celebrity political commentator, and as such … would wait for the opportune time to drop this on to his profile.

    Not that he was ever ahead of you of course, but I am sure his army of research analyists were exposed to that epiphany at some point.

    • Augger,

      I understand. However, he just today (on the radio) admitted that, until just recently, he was still on the “save the GOP from within” bandwagon. Today was the first time he has ever said he is seriously calling for a 3rd Party (though he called it a ‘new’ Party). 🙂

  2. Why does everyone forget about the 2014 MIDTERMS ???????????????

    These are CRUCIAL to everything in 2016 …. without a Conservative success of whatever form ( similar to 2010)….
    .I guarantee 2016 ain’t happening !!!

  3. If they are done, great! Now is the time for all American patriots to take posession and make it our own party. then at the local level we can begin to educate the people about the poison of progressivism and offer the people a clear alternative that truly serves them and their aspirations to be successful.

  4. This is to reinforce the statement that the GOP is done. I kept out a tiny hope, but this sent me over the edge. I just received a poll for the 2016 presidency this morning that was so insane I could not even respond. Listed on the slate of candidates was Jindal, and probably every other ineligible politician around. When I got to a choice between 2 candidates I believed might be ineligible, which was the third matched selection, I gave up. The choice where I gave up was one between Sandoval, the Governor of Nevada, and one I was certain was ineligible, Jindal. I couldn’t find the eligibility info. for the Nevada governor, so I couldn’t make a choice because I suspect he is ineligible. Upon doing research, Susannah Martinez, Governor of NM is eligible, one of the few minority politicians in the Republican Party who is actually eligible for the presidency. Martinez and Rick Perry were matched in the first selection. And, in the second selection there was an ineligible candidate, Rubio, matched against an unknown non-minority candidate. After complaints on every single Conservative blog site about Obama’s eligibility, this poll was the most disgraceful dishonest piece of junk the Republicans have ever put out. It is no wonder the Democrats call the Republicans hypocrites and the Republican Party – the “STUPID PARTY”.

    Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal are not Natural Born citizens because their parents were not U.S. citizens when these proposed candidates were born. If Republicans are concerned about Obama’s eligibility, then Ted Cruz is ineligible because his father was a Mexican citizen when Ted was born. The fact that Ted Cruz was born in Canada has no bearing, if Ted was born to 2 U.S. citizens. Ted must have lived in the U.S. for 14 years prior to seeking the presidency, if he was otherwise eligible. American citizens frequently work in foreign countries in the U.S. Military, the Diplomatic Corps, or in business, so their children are born where they temporarily reside. However, Our Founders made clarification for those who were born outside of the United States to U.S. Citizen parents, the candidate must have lived in the U.S. for 14 years prior to seeking national public office. The Natural Born requirement is in our Constitution for a reason. We need a president who actually reflects an American value system and understands our country, unlike Obama.

    The impossible is finally reached when one cannot even respond to a Republican presidential poll because the candidates are so unknown or lacking in credibility.

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