Controlling the Narrative/Language: the Latest Instalment of Progressive Speak

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MSNBC Analyst: ‘Hateful Language’ Will ‘Kill’ the ‘Crazy Crackers on the Right’

As in ’05 and ’06, the death knell for Republicans is the tone of this conversation. We had evangelical Latinos wanting to meet with Howard Dean at the DNC because — I’m just saying, that’s a shift! Point being, we saw in droves the Latino community moving over to the Democratic Party, largely because of the tone. And you even had Republicans [who were] Latino just ​disgusted​ with the tone.

So these guys have to be very, very careful. And the other thing these guys know is, those crazy crackers on the right, if they start with their very hateful language, that it’s going to kill them in the same way that they learned at their little retreat that let’s not talk about rape. [Emphasis added]

Do you know what you should take away from this? No, not that she is using what she would call hate speech were it reversed and a Republican was saying her exact same words about the Left. That’s just the 180 degree rule in practice — nothing new there. No, what you need to take away from this is that the “hate speech” she is referring to is people trying to hold on to and stand up for individual rights, liberty, the constitution and rule of law. To the Progressive Left, those things constitute hate speech.

The next thing you need to understand is that this is deliberate.  It’s Alinsky: using their enemy’s (the Right’s) strength against them.  In this case, they know the Right tends to be more civil, more polite than they are (they feel no civil restraint at all because they believe the ends justifies the means).  So they can bash their opponent in strawman lies and insults without fear of a strenuous response.  And, just in case, they make sure to speak in benevolent sounding language as they frame the cage around the Right.  that way, if someone does try to defend the Right, such as Limbaugh or Hannity, then they can point to them and say “See, I told you they were hate mongers.”

There’s one last piece of this puzzle: this woman belongs to a propaganda mill that deliberately and intentionally distorts stories to further their agenda — even to the point of dancing on the graves of children:

MSNBC Caught Selectively Editing Another Clip — This Time of Sandy Hook Victim’s Father

See what I mean?  They believe that the ends justify the means and their actions prove it.  These people are the epitome of evil.  How do you compromise with evil without agreeing to evil?  If you’re smart, you don’t.  You cannot “work with” or “compromise” with evil: evil must be stomped out — period.

And that applies to those on the Right who would have you believe they can work with the Left.

3 thoughts on “Controlling the Narrative/Language: the Latest Instalment of Progressive Speak

  1. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Immigration Act of 1965 are both major reasons we have an immigration problem today. I wonder who the big supporters of this legislation were and who drafted the legislation. Most people will be shocked when they understand who wrote the legislation and why. However, they still needed well meaning “compliant crackers” to pass the legislation in the House and Senate and a progressive statist President sign it into law.

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