In France, Socialism Is Working Out Just As Well As Expected…

…which is “not at all“:

France is ‘totally bankrupt’, jobs minister admits as concerns grow over Hollande’s tax-and-spend policies

  • Minister Michel Sapin said: ‘There is a state but it’s a totally bankrupt state’
  • Unemployment and living costs have spiralled since party came to power
  • President trying to revive economy through cutting spending by £51billion 
  • Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said Mr Sapin’s comments were ‘inappropriate’ and tried to blame Nicolas Sarkozy’s government
  • An online poll in Le Figaro newspaper showed that 80.5 per cent of readers agreed that France is bankrupt

But notice that Holland is using a trick from Obama’s bag in blaming his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy…but even Little Nicky and his hottie wife, Carla Bruni (click here for gratuitous picture of Hot Carla), are planning an escape to London…and when you are moving to London to avoid taxes, you know something is wrong…

Capital flows where it is wanted, not to where it is punished:

The richest man in France has officially transferred his multi-billion pound fortune out of his homeland to Belgium.Bernard Arnault, head of luxury goods group LVMH, insists he has moved his assets for ‘family inheritance reasons’.But others are convinced that the 63-year-old has joined other tycoons and celebrities in wanting to avoid taxes – including a 75 per cent top rate on income – introduced by Socialist President Francois Hollande.

Remember how the lefties told us that the rich wouldn’t flee?

Yeah, that seems to be working out just fine:

During a press conference held on Tuesday, Tiger Woods backed Phil Mickelson’s earlier comments concerning California’s high tax rates, and cited them as his main motivation for leaving the state in 1996.

Despite the obligatory plea to pay one’s “fair share” argument that such a move will prompt, Woods’ and Mickelson’s statements may prove to be the majority’s sentiment, causing others to follow suit.

Mickelson, in a Sunday press conference, made his views concerning California’s tax rates public, and vowed the he may have to make “some drastic changes.” Mickelson went on to say that those changes are prompted because, “I happen to be in that zone that has been targeted both federally and by the state, and it doesn’t work for me right now.”

6 thoughts on “In France, Socialism Is Working Out Just As Well As Expected…

  1. Just a few points:

    1. Thanks for the gratuity.
    2. “Capital flows where it is wanted, not to where it is punished.” – Oh dear geesh I wish I could have thought to say it like that.
    3. Thanks for the gratuity.
    4. Vindication my friend. We all called it early on. “The rich will adapt.” Our flippant liberal ‘friends’ didn’t like hearing that. Now I wonder why …
    5. Thanks for the gratuity.
    6. Said it before, will say it again. Mickelson should have never apologized.
    7. Thanks for the gratuity.

    Oh, and did I mention my appreciation for your gratuitous picture of Carla Bruni? 🙂

    • I can’t believe that I’ve never Rule 5’ed Carla. I’ll have to rectify that oversight before I close out my run here…

      I was going out on the 31st, but I want to post my final regular post after we hit 2,000,000 views – and we are only about 21,600 views away from that landmark… about Saturday or Sunday if the averages hold…but a Carla Bruni Rule 5 might put us over sooner!

      • Yes, gratuity. 🙂

        Government is now the thief everyone has to run, hide and protect their families from.

        The new “Borg” will consume or steal every resource it can find.

  2. Utah, did you go to MBA school? You sound like my husband.
    You-“Capital flows where it is wanted, not to where it is punished”
    Hubby-“Bad money drives out good money” quoting Grishoms law

    The exodus from CA to TX is proving you both right.

    PS I didn’t look at the pics of Carla😊

    • MBA from the University of Utah – Undergrad degrees in finance, economics and mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University…

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