More Evidence That Leftist/Progressive Insanity Is NOT Aimed At Helping People/Nation

Read this story:

North Dakota struggles to cope with its oil-boom prosperity

Now let me ask you, did the story say anything about the local government having to force Wal-Mart to pay $17/hr? No? Why not? Because they had to do that to get anyone to work for them, and that’s because other companies are paying more than $17/hr.

Here’s more from this story:

Gordon Weyrauch, manager of Williston Home & Lumber, said it’s hard to keep good employees even at $16 an hour: “Seems like when you get somebody that’s really good, there’s always another company stealing them away.”

A sign outside the local Wal-Mart advertises starting wages of $17 an hour.

So it is patently obvious that wages can and do adjust to the market — just like free market advocates have always said (score another one for Hayek). But now, did you see this part of the story?

Though some longtime residents are getting big mineral payments from the oil, others struggle to continue living there, even though wages are going up, too.

Well, if you read what the writer means by “finding it difficult to live,” you’ll learn it has less to do with financial stress and more to do with the fact that some people are upset with the “inconveniences” that come along with prosperity. Which goes to prove something else the free market advocates have always argued: that, no matter what you do for them, there are people who will never be happy — period!

So why does the Left fight to prevent access to our natural resources? It can’t be over environmental issues. Look at the success here in the States — and they are following the EPA regulations! That fact totally destroys the Left’s argument that exploiting our natural resources will harm the environment, but at the same time, the economic success here undermines the Right’s arguments that EPA regulations make such exploitation unprofitable. All we see here is that we can do both — if we do so with some common sense. Could it be that the insanity in the minds of the Left has more to do with preventing the economic growth that comes with the exploitation of our own natural resources?

Why does the Left push minimum wages when we see that all we really need is a health and growing economy? Could it be that the Left doesn’t care about the worker as much as they claim but — due to the insanity of their ideology — they are more concerned with hampering business so they can prevent economic growth?

In fact, if we look at everything the Left claims about economics and compare their claims to reality, the truth becomes clear: they are motivated by something other than what they claim. Otherwise, they would learn from their mistakes and from the lessons of history, and therein is the evidence of their insanity.


[Note: were it not for the fact that fracking and the exploitation of natural gas are keeping energy prices low in this nation, we would already be in an economic depression that not even Obama’s lap-dog media couldn’t cover up or hide.]

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