Now Behind Door Number 3…The Republicans

Joe HakosThe things done wrongly by the republicans in 2012… First…To allow the Republican establishment to work toward another “all-inclusive” moderate candidate over other more conservative candidates.

Because of the weak moderate candidate chosen, there was NO discernible difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on a host of issues, healthcare, immigration, foreign policy to name a few.  In fact the only really big difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was on how to bring the economy back to pre 2008 levels.

And because Mitt Romney allowed Obama and his surrogates define him and his “fellow” Republicans as beholding to the rich uncaring evil capitalists the American people who took the time out to vote chose Barack Obama even though his economic policies obviously were not and have not worked to make the American economy noticeably better.

So why exactly were conservative Republicans, knowing that there are NO absolutely perfect candidates, going to even go and cast a vote for someone they themselves didn’t believe in?  Were they just expected to go and vote for the Republican Team once again and put away their heartfelt convictions and principles…most stayed home and said no thanks…again.

The Republicans also never had an adequate Get Out The Vote (GOTV) program that compared to the Obama campaign.  In fact the problem with the Republican GOTV apparatus is that it was dismantled after the 2008 Presidential election.  Starting from step one every four years is severely problematic.

Moving on… Learn…all the crying, whining and pitching a fit will not change the outcome of past elections.

GOTV is an ongoing requirement not an every 3 1/2 year campaign necessity.  The axiom machines defeat campaigns have been proven the last 2 elections.  It will take a large coalition working year round to bring enough people and resources together to defeat the Democratic machine. The Republicans at this very moment are behind in GOTV for the 2016 election…the time to catch up is now not in 2016.

Get out and help change the culture of the minority communities and with younger voters.   Infotainment is changing the culture and Republicans should embrace it not run from it.  The message when presented correctly works.  The march for life this past week is an example that the younger American do believe in a conservative message…A conservative message works when you let it.

The consultants that say they know what the American people want obviously don’t so don’t keep going to these folks and using tactics that are failing.  These “experts” are stuck to a model that isn’t working.  The exit polls for Congress in 2012 indicated 33% identified as Republican, 39% as Democrats, and 28% as independents.

For example the primary season must be shorter and the old republican guard must be defeated to allow a people chosen candidate to start espousing the conservative message to the American people and explaining why the Democratic agenda is wrong for America.  It was former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who asserted that “first you win the argument, then you win the vote.” That is what will win the day in 2016 not the poll based consultant run campaigns of the last 2 election seasons.  A large collation of conservative based, community centered Americans helping to change the culture on an individual basis will see results that consultants could never even imagine

Thankfully there are the Republicans in Congress now.  They’re a firewall of sorts to keep in check the Progressive agenda espoused by the Democratic Party.…this is not gridlock but our Republic’s democratic process.

17 thoughts on “Now Behind Door Number 3…The Republicans

  1. Those that do not restrain the sins of others, when it is in the power of their hand to do it, make themselves partakers of the guilt, and will be charged as accessaries: Those in authority will have a great deal to answer for if they make not the sword they bear a terror to evil workers. So if the elected leaders think they are beyond reproach God will deal with them for the inequity they approve. Pray that they turn back to God.

  2. Thankfully there are the Republicans in Congress now. They’re a firewall of sorts to keep in check the Progressive agenda espoused by the Democratic Party.…

    With respect, when I look at what the “R’s” are doing as opposed to what they are saying, I see the “R’s” supporting the Progressive agenda. Case in point: Rubio told us yesterday — and Rush agreed — that we have to abandon the rule of law to save the rule of law. The way I see it, Rubio’s comment was an admission that the “R’s” care more about being elected than they do about standing for anything, and that is as Progressive as it gets, my friend.

  3. The way I look at it the Republicans are supporting and will be voting to steal from the working and dole out to the law breakers and lazy to purchase votes. They have no character, moral clarity, or true compassion as they will gladly create more slaves to the system to garner total control over all. Pathetic group of losers. At least Texas 2 Senators voted against John Kerry the fraud war hero.

  4. Great points, especially that of maintaining the effort. “Starting from step one every four years is severely problematic,” is by far the greatest challenge facing GOP election efforts. There is absolutely NO motivation, NO passion, NO doggedness to continue the campaign. Partly as a result of natural inclination – most Republicans are hard workers who work as hard as they can on a problem, achieve success or fail, and move on to the next challenge. Progs approach is MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE… so they tend to have strong networks & GOTV strength. We need GOP to have the same stubbornness, and to accept the fact that Democrats are the ENEMY not just the adversary or the competition.

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  7. The people did try to select a conservative candidate. In every poll until only Newt was still in the race, anyone-other-than-Romney was winning and it was always more conservative candidate. But, the GOP had already anointed Mittens, so of course he won the primaries. There hasn’t been a conservative presidential nominee out of the GOP since Reagan and I very much doubt that we’re getting one in 2016. That’s not what the GOP leadership wants. The conservatives need to decide to vote for someone else regardless of whether the GOP agrees.

    Kells, I doubt Paul would have won, but you know what — if all the conservatives had cast their vote for him as a write-in, they might have sent a better message than they did when they stayed home. By staying home, we allowed Obama’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder to convince him that the nation actually likes him rather than getting the message that we’ve stopped voting out of frustration with the choices. That’s the problem with sending messages through the ballot box. They’re very easy to misinterpret.

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