Al Gore Just Admitted Clearest Connection Between American Progressives and NAZI Ideology!

This is important.  This is not hyperbole.  This is not conspiracy.  This is not hysteria. There is nothing about this post that is “over the top.”  This is nothing more than taking people at their word and connecting those words to the full light of history.  Now, let me explain why Al Gore’s latest should send chills down the spine of anyone and everyone who knows and understands history.  Here’s the story – read it, watch the video:

Al Gore: Ideology is in our DNA

Former Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday said people are scientifically predisposed to be liberal or conservative — a phenomenon that he believes is positive, on the whole, for the “human species.”
“I think, first of all, scientists now know that there is, in human nature, a divide between what we sometimes call ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives,’” Gore said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “And it gives an advantage, you can speculate, to the human species to have some people who are temperamentally inclined to try to change the future, experiment with new things, and others who are temperamentally inclined to say, ‘Wait a minute, not too fast, let’s make sure we don’t do anything rash here.’”


Blood and Martyrs, man!  Do you understand what this tyrant just said?  He said that ‘science’ knows if you will be a conservative, and that conservatives stand in the way of the advance of mankind.  THIS IS NAZI LANGUAGE!  This is Josef Mangele!  This is George Bernard Shaw!  This is Margaret Sanger! This is Walter Lippmann! This is the final solution!!!  If ‘science’ says you will be a conservative, and ‘conservatives’ get in the way of the advancement of human history, then – for the betterment of mankind – conservatives need to be ‘dealt with.”

Hear me – and hear me well!   Everything we revile about the way NAZI Germany treated the Jews and the other “undesirables” came from the American Eugenics movement.  This is not my opinion, this is a known fact.  We know the Germans got their ideas from us because we still have the letters, from the Germans, to American eugenicists, thanking them for teaching them about eugenics and praising the things the new ‘science’ would allow them to do.  That is where Germany got the idea they could breed the master race: from American Progressives!  And it was all OK: it was all “progress” because it was all based on ‘science.’               

Let me remind you of who these people were by drawing your attention to the words of a man American’s trumpeted, a man who trumpeted what Hitler was doing:

Modern Liberal/Progressives still believe in these same ideas, they have just gotten better at hiding them because of the horror their ideas inevitably creates.   But, if you listen carefully, and you know what you’re listening for, they will admit who they are:

Then there is Obamacare, based on providing services based on a person’s ‘value’ to society and its death panels (yes, they are there – they were hidden in the stimulus bill). Our ‘leading ethicists’ argue that it should be legal to kill your child up to the age of three.  Abortion is defended and the ‘morning after’ pill is even being advanced for sale in vending machines.  And, if you are listening, you have probably heard or read one of the many stories starting to hit the propaganda airwaves about how we’re not all created equal.  This is all aimed at cheapening the value of human life.  It is all evil: pure, unadulterated evil!

And now, Al Gore has clearly illustrated that everything – everything I have ever told you about who the Left is and where their thinking comes from is dead-on accurate!  But, if you do not know history, you’ll never see that Hilary, Al Gore and many other American Progressives are laying the groundwork to ‘scientifically justify’ actions against their political opponents and they will claim it is all in the name of the greater good.

Are you ready to discuss secession now?


[Note: there is much, much more connected to this.  Once you learn the history, you realize that Hollywood, the ‘news,’ our schools, our government itself — they are all being used against us: to shape how we think, what we think about and what do.  And it is all aimed at “directing the evolution of man.’  But never do these idiots who do this ‘in the name of science and humanity’ stop to realize that, if they can direct evolution, they negate the assertion that man is a product of evolution.  For you see, the creation can never better its creator — that’s one of the natural laws of this universe.  So the only way man could possibly direct his own evolution would be if there is an aspect to him that is outside of, above the restraints of this universe and its laws.  And if that is the case, you just found the evidence of God that these same people reject — because their arrogance and pride removes any chance of ever having wisdom enough to understand any of this, nor that can does not imply should.]

25 thoughts on “Al Gore Just Admitted Clearest Connection Between American Progressives and NAZI Ideology!

  1. Chills run down my spine every time I hear Hillary proudly and openly declaring, “I’m a progressive!”

    “I’m a progressive” = “I’m an American Communist”

    • Texas,

      Not quite. Lenin, and therefore, Communism got its start through the Fabian Socialists. The FB gave birth to both Communism and Progressivism, and through a reaction to Communism, Fascism. ALL of this can be traced directly back to these people, who were in turn inspired by Marx, who was inspired by his own personal greed and sloth.

      • Very Very Good Summary ! …… FB-?

        I would say that through the German Illuminatists and their “chronicaler” Adam Weishaupt …. the Nascent Communist movement’s embers where glowing ….. The German Illuminatists where aristocrats and I believe they were sensing the popular movements against Central Control thus against what we would come to call the Ancien Regime….in other words against THEIR absoluye authority….which had been the rule since …Forever.

        There were Multiple signs in the Middle Ages….Luther against the Church … The Hanseatic League….Zwingli…..Jan Hess…..Peasant Revolts….The rise of More Powerful Cities with their charters…. the Change of the Standard Feudal Relationship which came after the Plagues, which led to labor shortages and thus more leverage to the Peasants (Esp. easy to see in East Anglia)….The Swiis Confederation … Charter of Liberties under Henry I in 1100AD….the Magna Charter Liberata…..The Translation of the Bible into Languages understood by people other than the Church and Knobles.

        Thus the move to Communist Ideology was an attempt to OWN the impetus by the Aristocray….to direct Democracy movements in ways they could control……Because From Adam Weishaupt on up tp Engels and Marx were ALL supported by old Money.

        • Don,

          Yep! 🙂 And you just swerved into why the Leftist ideology never works: because they are trying to seize upon that which does work without understanding that it works because it follows the laws of God. In other words, the reason the Left can never make it work is because — on the whole — they reject God and God’s natural law, then try to impose their will upon His. 😉

  2. Joe,

    Al Gore is a lawyer. What we are talking about is Phrenology. Phrenology is a pseudoscience.

    By getting on television, and hyperventilating regurgitated pseudoscience horse-shit, Gore only serves his Axis II mental disorder (narcissist). He damn sure did not regale us with his genius in this clip, so I think it was just an affirmation of the little man syndrome that the liberals have …. because “we are smarter than they were.”

    There is nothing smart about Phrenology … well, unless you are a Hitler fanatic I suppose. Personally, I do not think that Gore possesses enough intellect to even understand the works of Fowler, Connolly, Spurzheim … or Hitler for that matter.

    I just think he was on TV attempting to make himself look important.

    • Augger,

      Gore grew up around people smart enough to understand these things, and he heard the words they used to describe and explain it. So, whether he understands or not is irrelevant. He did give us a glimpse into the minds of the people in whose circles he travels, and those people run this nation.

        • Augger,

          I KNOW Gore is irrelevant, but what he said is not. And ignoring things like this because the person saying them are “irrelevant” is how we miss all the warnings that could help us fight back.

          Here’s another example. Do you REALLY think Obama is smart enough to be running things as efficiently as the Left is doing (efficient in there terms)??? Or do you think he is just a mouth piece for the real power? I think it is the latter, and we were warned that this is exactly what Obama is by another “irrelevant” player, Joe Biden. Or do you remember the “Finally, a clean, articulate black man” comment? We should have read that as “Finally, a black man whites will accept.” (Black being important because it gives them the ability to cover him using the race card).

          • Valerie Jarrett is not irrelevant.

            My point here was not to discredit your post, so I suppose I will scoot along now (it’s lunch time). I doubt we are about to cover any new ground anyway.

            • Augger,

              It’s not a problem. But I was thinking. If I can be as “irrelevant” as Gore and become a hundred millionaire from thin air, I think I’d like to be “irrelevant.” 🙂

        • Gore is NOT irrelevant in that he changes Popular oppinion….kinda like Oprah…

          On the Positive side, as of Late Both Oprah and Gore have plummeted in popularity and in credability ! And this is due to the Alternative Press….Bloggers…Internet…Beck…the release of the E-mails from Univ of East Anglia showing Glogal Warming a complete Sham……

          There ARE some positive embers glowing…. :- )).

  3. I agree with everything that has been stated here in relation to what these PIG Progressives/Marxist/Socialist have stated as their goal. However, there is one thing that must be considered when comparing every day Americans to those other “People” from Europe, South America, Asia.

    The biggest difference between the People of Germany, Russia, and most of those Socialist/Marxist populations and most of the American People who support the 2nd Amendment is that when they try to come for us or our weapons……………..WE WILL SHOOT BACK WITH LOTS OF GUNS AND AMMO, AND WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL WE HAVE TAKEN CARE OF ALL of THEM! Ask the Red Coats how it turned out for them………………………………….

    No Sheriff I know will go to confiscate the guns of his fellow citizens. I have been told to my face by our local Sheriff while at the local target range. Quote “There is no way I will follow any order to confiscate the guns of my fellow Lake City citizens, not only will it be an un-constitutional law, I also do not want to get shot and killed by my own neighboors” Un-quote.

    • Jose,

      Shooting back is exactly what they want us to do. It will hand them their excuse to declare us criminals against humanity. Until they shut down the courts, we need to use them.

      Now, when will you have that essay ready? I think the RNL would enjoy hearing your story. 🙂

        • Don,

          yes, the courts. And before anyone bothers to complain that they don’t work, they don’t work because we have left the juries to the same people who vote for the Democrats because we — the majority of people who claim we care about our liberty — too often dodge our civic duty to serve.

          • I agree with that. People have abrogated their responsibilities on that plane.

            But that is not the ONLY reason they don’t work….and I don’t think you would disagree with that. They have been taken over with Liberal Judges. And when Juries are TOLD how they must rule….what evidence they must ignore and what they can and cannot see….it is understandable that many would feel they are just being used as Pawns in the Judicial system….Props in a Sham Show of Justice….where Juries are picked by professionals who specialize in Selecting / De-selecting people to…….wait for it……INSURE OUTCOMES….A Progressive Goal.

            NOW …. If The Courts “DECIDE” for us that we Don’t have any rights to the 2 amendments….then who is right? I guess you are implying that we should tthen say…..” OK the courts say no we can’t have guns…They’re right, and The Bill of Rights is wrong and so are we….so time to give them up”.

            Now I know that is not UR position…..But you see the Conundrum….we keep being Forced into corner of the Bogus “follow the Law” which the Progressives have re-written in their image. Thus the only way to “Follow the Law” is to be Progressive and follow their “Laws”.

            • Don,

              If you are ever on a jury and the judge tries that crap, find not guilty — period. It’s called jury nullification and the judge has no control over it. That’s why the founders put the jury system ion place in the first place 😉

              • I’ve heard about Threats to the Jurers from the Court … or perhaps implied threats…..also ” Not Guilty” is often what the court is looking for … that was my point.

                I agree with you for the most part ….. But you have to agree the Court system is largely broken in the US….. From the Supreme Court down to the Local level.

                Also with respect …. You didn’t address my major point about the “Courts” and the 2nd Amendment / Bill of Rights……

                What do “we” do if the Courts say …..’you DON’T have a right to Arms….or only the Arms WE say … the 2nd Amendment means we WE say it does’…….What do we do ?…..Just say OK and go home ?

    • They aren’t going to confiscate the guns first. First they’ll pass laws that say we can have our guns if we register them. Those who fall for that will eventually face confiscation. Those who don’t will then have to decided where to bury them. Eventually, we may need to start shooting, but we need to count the cost of that because unless the military sides with us, we’re likely going to lose. A lone guy or family trying to hold off a military unit from his suburban house is going to run out of bullets a lot sooner than the military unit.

      And, I will submit that if you start shooting at federal agents, your sheriff buddy will change his mind. It’s one thing to refuse to confiscate the weapons of peaceful citizens, but when you start shooting federal LEOs, your sheriff is going to come to the conclusion that he might be next.

      There are a lot of other alternatives to explore before we start shooting. Peaceful solutions. Remember, Gandhi and King changed their societies for the better without firing a shot.

        • This comes from my conscientious objector father, who opposed WW2 the whole time he was trapped in the federalized Merchant Marines, but changed his mind after the war when he saw what Hitler had done to the Jews and what the Japanese had done to the Chinese (he actually saw that when his ship let in at Singapore). He taught me that there are always a great many peaceful solutions to a vexing problem UNTIL we start shooting and then all other options tend to go hide in a corner for a half-decade or so. It is always best to exhaust the peaceful solutions before resorting to shooting because the peaceful solutions become unavailable after we discharge our weapons.

          • Aurora,

            True. But speaking as one who has seen war, I can tell you that you still have to use force. Gandhi and MLK used force, Christ used force — they just used a different type of force. They used the force that comes with changing an individual’s heart to the point that they are moved to actually live their convictions. Change enough hearts and we move the world. 😉

            • Aurora and Joe …. Ur hearts are in the Right places, and Ur analyses as well.

              I have mentioned MLK and Gandhi here as part of the way to go. BUT you have to remember the SOCIETIES with-in which BOTH Gandhi and King worked. King still had MOST of the Culture believing in the Constitution and doing the Right Thing….Gandhi had a Subclass of VERY well-educated Indians and British who like-wise believed in at least the TALK of Freedom, Justice and Self-determination.

              Today we have the Low-info, FSA cultural Climate at “war” with those who still believe in the Constitution….as many Posts on RNL, other Blogs, Beck, Levin, Rush etc have highlighted very well..

              SO …… You both have NOT addressed my Basic scenario …. What do you DO…Registration is virtually the 1st step in Confiscation … and thus “the “Courts” will have Nullified the Bill of Rights. I don’t think the Founders Intentions about the Bill of Rights was…..Well…we’ll just wait and see…we’ll just let the Federal LEO and / or the Local LEOs decide if we have a Bill of Rights or not……….In this arena…1989 Russia with the Military REFUSING the order of the “Courts” of the Politburo to put down the Citizen protests with Force……..Thus LEO and Military Here have to refuse ANY ruling or Law enacted by ANY body Congress or the “Courts” as being against the Constitution and Bill of Rights…..

              Anything LESS…any “compromise” with this is an act of Tyranny by these members of the LEO or Military…( who are First and Foremost…Citizens, under the same Constitutiion / Bof R ) … enforcing such laws would be stepping outside that society as a “Special” class acting superior to the American Citizen….as virtually ALL our politicians do now…Even Rubio.

              You / we can’t waffle on this….it is not dependable on the out-come of some Debating society and their Committee ruling…we are all Equal…or we are NOT….there ARE line-in-the-sand issue, crossing the Rubicon issues…..THIS is one of them !!…….

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