Baker Act Pierce Morgan

It’s been a while, but this one certainly falls under the category of:


The following should make it all to clear that This man should be involuntarily committed:

Armed Guard Stops School Shooter After He Opened Fire at Atlanta Middle School

Piers Morgan Claims Armed Guard Was Not Able to Stop Atlanta School Shooting

Hey, Mr. “Out-of-touch-with-reality Morgan,”

Armed Guard Stops School Shooter After He Opened Fire at Atlanta Middle School

The said part, the part that trumps free speech and heads into “Pierce Morgan is crazy” is that he believes this. If he doesn’t, then he needs to be deported as a clear subversive. Either way, the man is a clear and present danger to society.

As an aside, the fact that this man still has a job with an organization that claims to be “news media,” and which — to the best of my knowledge — still holds press credentials means that Morgan’s bosses and the people who issue those credentials to his parent network are also crazy.  They certainly can’t be living in the world of reality because, if they were, this man would have been fired or the credentials would have been pulled because he wasn’t fired.

But then, that’s how things work in a sane world in touch with objective reality.  this world?  this world fell through the looking glass a long, long time ago…

3 thoughts on “Baker Act Pierce Morgan

  1. Morgan is of the same ilk as the “Rev.” Al Sharpton. He makes these bizarre statements to garner attention for himself. His whole agenda is self-promotion.

  2. Piers Morgan is a blithering idiot. Why Conservatives in favor of the second amendment even go on his show is a mystery to me. He asks a question, then talks over the answer without giving them a chance to answer it. Typical leftist moron.

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