Don’t Believe the Union Lies: This is what They Want

Have you seen this story?

Union Leaders’ Epiphany Leaves Them Scrambling: Wait, Obamacare Is Going to Drive up Our Costs?

Don’t believe the BS the unions are shoveling. They knew full well what Obamacare was going to do — because they helped write the bloody thing! that’s how these stories came to be:

Unions don’t have to comply with Obamacare, says Crossroads GPS

Vast Majority of ObamaCare Waivers Go To Union Workers In Latest Round

Union Pensions Getting BIG Payoff from Obamacare

What this is all about is pushing everyone onto single-payer with the government as the sole source of your healthcare. Because, once the government controls that, it controls everything.

No, Mr. Citizen, we want to help you, but you own a gun. Now, you’re free to own a gun: we support the 2nd Amendment. But the law says the gun is a health hazard and as long as you have it in your home or on your property, we can’t treat you. So, you either have to get rid of it, or find another healthcare provider.

See, they won’t take your rights away. You’ll still be free to choose…

2 thoughts on “Don’t Believe the Union Lies: This is what They Want

  1. Joe

    Single Payer Nationalized Health Care – Anyone with 1/2 oz of intelligence knew immediately that this was the goal of Obama Care. If they did not see this coming I feel sorry for them because they are totally ignorant saps that don’t deserve the right to live in a system that provides them liberty and freedom, much less the right to vote. It took man almost 8000 years to concept and implement the only form of government that could provide liberty and freedom with the result being the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sadly it has only taken approximately 237 years to almost destroy it. We hang at the precipice of total failure while the Republican (supposedly conservative) leadership has skipped happily along for the last 100 years compromising our rights away telling us we are all over reacting. As long as man is in charge of the animal farm and caters solely to mans evil instincts of greed, envy, and lust it is easy for the progressives to win as they have no morals, values or real sense of love towards their fellow man to limit what they will do in the pursuit of Utopia. Total control by the enlightened is the goal and if you think the roughly 170 million slaughtered by them in the 20th Century was big you haven’t seen anything yet. In reality, as a Christian, I know what’s coming and my only goal now is to shield and protect my family, friends and those that need help from the pain and suffering that is going to occur under their new One World Order until The Lord calls us home. Excuse the long diatribe but once you get started its hard to stop.

    • Chhelo,

      LOL, you’re good. You should search the archives for my old “religion and faith” posts. You’re not the first to say what you just said on the RNL, but you are a welcomed addition to the chorus 🙂

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